Graduation 2016

Reflective of the educational purposes that we espouse, at REGENT Business School (RBS) we began with the end in mind, building foundations of hope, nurturing aspirations of greatness and formulating dreams into reality. Efforts that culminated into a day that we were all proud of as the assembled audience gasped in awe and cheered from the heart as the hall echoed with names of future leaders, in confirmation of an achievement of a lifetime.

The 2016 RBS Graduation ceremony attracted some 2000 plus attendees from afar as Angola, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Namibia, DRC, Lesotho, Tanzania and Nigeria. Students acknowledged every moment in celebration of their unique experiences of years of learning. The highlight of which, was when they crossed the stage to receive their award for their toil and sacrifices towards the achievement of academic success.

To make the graduation ceremony more reflective of RBS’s aspirations for all of its students, by acknowledging them in a meaningful way, we revised proceedings to focus on the individual students rather than formalities and speeches, thus allowing us to finish in record time, leaving graduates with time to revel in their achievement with fellow graduates, families and friends, over a scrumptious lunch. After 13 years of public schooling and 3 to 4 years of tertiary studies, a commitment of this magnitude deserves reflection.

All institutions of education publicly state and believe that every individual can learn, and have high expectations for all their learners to succeed and achieve. If this is the end we have in mind, then we are striving for a life of rich possibility for all. At RBS we want every graduation to have the capacity to contribute to the common good of society, by consistently producing graduates of exemplary caliber, accomplished by a student centric approach to teaching and learning together with establishing a bond with our students, as not only academic but as life coaches too.

To return to the point about ‘beginning with the end in mind’, these accolades achieved are a worthy end to keep in mind. Dedication and commitment from both Institution and learners towards a common goal, and the achievement thereof deserves this acknowledgement. We at RBS celebrate their achievements, appreciate them as unique individuals and speak with optimism of their future. RBS is proud to say that all of our graduates have achieved something of worth and meaning, for that is what we at RBS set out to do. Join us in this magnificent journey to consolidate, enhance and provide education in the Republic of South Africa.

Graduation 2015


REGENT Business School is proud to announce that it will be holding its Graduation Ceremony at the iconic Durban International Convention Centre on the morning of Saturday 26th September 2015.

Dr. Nomcebo Mthembu an MBChB graduate, General Practitioner with the Medicross Group and founder of Indoni, South Africa will be the distinguished Guest of Honour and Keynote Speaker at the Graduation Ceremony.RBS grad pic

Dr. Mthembu has alerted the academic management at REGENT Business School that she will pitch her graduation speech around the issues of social responsibility, the promotion of social cohesion among the various cultural groups, empowerment of our youth and the mainstreaming of Indigenous Knowledge Systems. The Graduation Ceremony, the largest in the history of REGENT Business School will witness a total of 663 graduands and diplomates being honoured. Of these, 47 percent are male and 53 percent are female. Of the 663 recipients of higher certificates, diplomas and degrees, a total of 225 will be receiving the Master of Business Degree, a 163 wiil receive the Bachelor of Commerce Degree, 18 will receive the Diploma in Financial Management, 91 will receive the Higher Certificate in Business Management, 38 will receive the Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree, 13 will receive the Higher Certificate in Healthcare Services Management, 5 will receive the Higher Certificate in Accounting, 3 will receive the Higher Certificate in Entrepreneurship, 31 will receive the Postgraduate Diploma in Management, 62 will receive the Diploma in Human Resource Management, 10 will receive the Higher Certificate in Islamic Banking and Law and 4 will receive the Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Mangement and Leadership. While the majority of graduands and diplomates hail from South Africa, a substantial percentage comes from various countries in Africa, including Botswana, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Malawi, Swaziland, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Rwanda, Nigeria and Kenya.

The following testimonial from an MBA graduand of the Class of 2015, Ms Celeste Charlotte Randall sums up the triumph of hard work, perseverance and success at REGENT Business School:

“Being a mum, a wife and having a demanding job presents itself with its own challenges, adding MBA to the mix brings a heavy unbalance. I believe that my success in completing my MBA programme is largely attributed to the constant support received from both my family and REGENT Business school. REGENT was always just a phone call away, the Saturday classes fitted in perfectly with my lifestyle whereby I did not have to drop the ball at work or my family. I have recommended REGENT to many and will continue to do so. With all the right support, it made doing my MBA look so easy and effortless. Thank you REGENT .”

Shanghai Study Tour 2015

Shanghai (China) Study Tour – 28th Aug- 5th Sept 2015

REGENT Business School will be embarking on a life changing Study Tour of Shanghai (China). The study tour will take place in Aug-September 2015. Besides being a life changing experience, the study tour will provide you with an opportunity to experience at first hand how business operates in another country-China. In addition, you will be able to see a variety of companies in various industries. There is no experience that can substitute for taking one’s learning global, especially given the future of the world economy.


China is a country that is on track to overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy. For the past twenty years, Shanghai has been growing at a significant pace and is the destination of the 2015 study tour. Shanghai, being a key business hub, having an extravagant culture, magnificent infrastructure and a fluid transportation system, provides a wonderful introduction to China. Shanghai is anticipated to be an interesting learning experience. Expect to be charmed by exploring the city and its infrastructure, experiencing its culture and consumer behaviour and tasting its exotic cuisine. The delegates will be given the opportunity to attend lectures, meetings and discussions which will provide insight into logistical and social dynamics.

This experiential tour will make the city, the railway system, the restaurants, the streets, the infrastructure and taxis of Shanghai expand the minds and perspectives of delegates, thereby becoming their classroom

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Brown Bag Seminar Series

Shanghai Study Tour 2014

Shanghai Study Tour 2014

A group of delegates were whisked off to Shanghai on a one week international scholarly tour to absorb the Chinese culture and student life; gain insights into international business practices and interact with business, and education leaders.

The Study Tour focused on the outlook of China with its growing economy and the impact its growth will have on businesses, both locally and internationally.

The tour encompassed an eight day trip to Shanghai, its neighboring districts, tourist attractions and open markets.

Regent Business School Graduation 2014

Graduation 2014 – Westville Prison

Westville Correctional Centre Offenders benefit from REGENT Business School’s

Islamic Finance, Banking and Law Course

For the fourth time since its introduction in 2004 a dedicated graduation ceremony was held in the Durban Westville Correctional Centre for the offenders who completed the Higher Certificate in Islamic Finance, Banking and Law course. A moving ceremony was held at Medium B hall on Monday 17 November 2014. Over 150 inmates shared the immense joy of achievement with the three students who graduated. The three graduands were dressed in full graduation regalia of gowns, mortar boards and hoods over their orange prison uniforms.

The function was attended by the Programme Director (PD) Moulana Shabbeer Asmal of the Muslim Prison Board (MPB-KZN), Professor Marvin Kambuwa the Principal of REGENT Business School (RBS), Mr. Ahmed Shaikh Managing Director of RBS, Mr. Ridwaan Asvat Director of RBS, Adv. Mahomed Vahed and Professor Mohsin Ebrahim the course coordinators of RBS, Mr. Hento Davids the Area Commissioner of the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) Durban Westville and senior officials of DCS.

After welcoming the guests, the PD called upon an offender Hafiz Muhiyudeen Anwarudeen to render aQiraat (recitation of verses from the Holy Qur’an) which was delivered in a most melodious tone. Mr. Hento Davids of DCS then officially welcomed all the guests and said that the DCS was very grateful to RBS for bringing the Graduation to this Correctional centre. He stated that through this course RBS was helping the DCS towards the reformation of the offenders, for which the DCS was extremely grateful. “We promote Education for holistic development and encourage the Reading for Redemption program and all faith-based intervention programmes. We hope this partnership between DCS, RBS and the MPB-KZN will be sustained and thank all for their support.”

This was followed by a message from Sheikh Taiyabu Bonomali, the chairperson of the MPB-KZN, who stated that he was thankful firstly to the DCS and its officials for facilitating the delivery of the course at the correctional centre and secondly to RBS and especially the course coordinators Adv. M. Vahed and Prof. M. Ebrahim for their unstinting dedication and assistance to the inmates. He stated further that he and the Programme Director Moulana Asmal also successfully completed the course this year. Sheikh Bonomali attended the graduation, with some of the other 22 students who completed the course, at the RBS graduation at the Durban ICC on 27 September 2014.

The Principal of RBS Professor Kambuwa then addressed the audience and stated that RBS was proud to have offered the course and that there were also other courses that the inmates and officials of the DCS could avail themselves of. He reminded the inmates that they were not too old to seek knowledge and he himself, at the age of 62, had recently graduated with an MBA degree. Prof Kambuwa congratulated the students for their achievements.

The joint course coordinator Adv. Vahed provided an overview of the course as well as congratulating the graduands for having successfully completed the course under very trying conditions; without access to a library, computer, e-mails and web sites and even without chairs and desks in their cells. Adv. Vahed then gave hope to the inmates that it was not too late to turn their lives around. They might have made some bad choices in the past but there was no reason for them not to leave the Westville Correctional Centre as better individuals and be useful members of society.

Adv. Vahed cited the heart-warming example of Larry Joe, a former inmate of the correctional centre in the small Northern Cape town of Douglas who, through his love for music was able to turn his life around in prison and on the day of his discharge released his first music album. If the inmates emulated his example of being an optimist; not playing the victim; believing in himself; and taking the high road which was less travelled on instead of the low road, there was no reason why they could not also be successfully reintegrated into society upon their release.

The highlight of the day was the presentation of the certificates to Offenders Imraan Sattar, Mahuyudeen Anwaruddin, Abdul Samad Sayed and the Muslim SCW. Moulana Asmal. The Managing Director of RBS Mr Ahmed Shaikh then addressed the inmates briefly, encouraging them to focus on their personal development through education and training. Mr. Shaikh also thanked Correctional Services for their commitment to the rehabilitation of inmates through education as well as faith-based training programmes.

The graduands were then afforded an opportunity to address the audience on their experiences. Mr. Imraan Sattar delivered a moving address and said that this was the second Islamic Law course he had completed under Adv. Vahed and Prof Ebrahim and he is eagerly awaiting the introduction of the post-graduate studies in Islamic Law. After completing the first course he had utilised the knowledge he had gained by assisting the inmates who thereafter enrolled for the course. He had found this to be a very spiritually enlightening and rewarding experience. It had in fact made him a better person and he encouraged his colleagues to make use of the opportunity afforded to them by RBS and the bursaries provided by the Muslim Prison Board. He agreed with Prof Kambuwa that one was never too old to learn and that in addition to this Finance, Banking and Law course he was also completing his BA degree through another tertiary institution.

The graduation was concluded by Mr. Ridwaan Asvat presenting a selection of books for the correctional centre library and delivering the vote of thanks and Moulana Asmal leading the inmates in (Dua) prayer.

This course is at NQF level 5 and comprises of seven modules offered part-time over one year. Lectures are delivered in Durban, Gauteng and Cape Town and registration for the 2015 intake has commenced.  Anyone interested in the course could obtain more details from RBS ( or Alternatively, calls can be made to RBS on 031 – 304 4626

Applications close on 28 February 2015.