Month: May 2020

Notice Board

Examinations and Assessment: June 2020 – Guidelines

Dear RBS Students, COVID-19 has severely disrupted our lives, and will have a profound effect on everything we do going forward. In response, REGENT Business School has put in place many additional support mechanisms to help students through these difficult times.Please check out the student portal where you will find a range of materials. In…


12 Things you can do with your BCom Degree

When it comes to choosing a career, there are two types of people: those who, as children, knew exactly what they wanted to grow up to be; and those who matriculate or go on to find jobs and still don’t know what careers they’d like to chase. Luckily for many of us in the second…

Distance Learning

We’ve been remote learning for 22 years!

The COVID-19 crisis hasn’t just changed the way the world is doing business, and is going about its business, it has also impacted on the way we speak. Just a few months ago, who would have thought that terms such as social distancing, flattening the curve, lockdown, and self-isolation would be part of our daily…

Notice Board

Examination and Assessment: June/July 2020

Dear Students, Covid-19 has changed the face of higher education in profound ways. These changes affected all institutions, resulting in the new teaching and learning approaches, as well as alternative examination and assessment methods. REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL is keenly aware of the stresses and anxieties that the pandemic has caused, and seeks to minimise disruptions…

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