Digital Marketing: The key to survival in a Post Covid World

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With the world coming to terms with the effects of the Covid pandemic, organisations across the globe have been caught in a rush to develop alternate business models as countries worldwide implemented some form of lockdown. The unprecedented global lock down led to the disappearance of traditional channels and became a barrier for the traditional face to face business models. Business organisations that could successfully transition to a digital strategy and implement agile business models are performing much better than those that could transition smoothly. Digital marketing platforms such as Facebook, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and influencer led campaigns have become more pervasive and are replacing the traditional marketing campaigns as consumer behavior changes and consumers are more accepting of the digital marketplace.  Some of the trends predicted to become the “New Normal” are as follows:

  • Social media jobs will be in greater demand
  • Creativity skills will be highly valued
  • Authentic content creation through social media posts, you tube videos will formulate a critical part of organisations marketing strategy
  • Consumers behavior trends indicate that organisations that embody honesty, empathy and social consciousness on social media are more likely to win the hearts and minds of consumers
  • Community engagement and progressive mindsets will form a crucial component of marketing strategies.
  • As the 4th industrial revolution gains momentum there will be a plethora of new technologies that will require organisations, employees and society to adapt to.

The above listed trends are not exhaustive but form a board overview of the changes that are occurring and coming. It is therefore necessary that marketers upskill to face this new reality. Within the South African context and according to Qwerty Digital; South Africa has a total population of 55,21 million people, within that, 28,6 million (52%) people utilise the Internet in some format. Further to this there is a severe lack of digital specialists with the necessary levels of training and experience. Research conducted by Fractl and Moz (in which they reviewed over 75,000 job listings on, a South African Job placement website) establish that the demand for digital marketing candidates has increase rapidly over the past 10 years, the emergence of modern technology and new platforms such as Google Analytics, enables organisations to capture and use data to create and conduct targeted campaigns and customer profiling which makes the business environment more competitive. This situation becomes more critical considering the known and unknown impact of Covid the RBS Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing aims to equip marketing professionals and those in the marketing environment with the necessary knowledge and skills related to this sector.

By Shaheen Khan


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