Reduce stress while waiting for exam results

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We all know the feeling, you have put in the hard work, written your exams and now all you can do is wait for your results.  This can be a time of mixed emotions, where relief meets anxiety about the unknown outcome.  After all the stress and intensity of the exam preparation and writing period, we can often find that the time after exams can be an exhausting one.  This is because physiologically your body is in the recovery mode after experiencing ongoing stress for a period of time.  The anxiety of performance then gets replaced by the anxiety of the unknown.  In this article we will discuss a few techniques for managing this period.

Firstly, it is important to acknowledge whilst the weeks that we have to endure before we find out how we have fared might feel like an eternity; in the bigger picture of our lives it is not a very long time.  Keeping this in perspective can be helpful, as counting the days can make the wait feel longer and add to our discomfort.  This is a good opportunity to find a balance between recuperation and keeping busy.  It is necessary to restore our energy, but also finding activities to full our time means we are not constantly thinking about the impending results.  Hard work, discipline and sacrifice are important aspects of success, but they deserve reward and it might be appropriate to treat yourself for the time and energy you have invested.

This is a good time to remind ourselves that we have done everything we can and worrying about the outcome actually has no effect on what transpires in reality. Furthermore, the vast majority of the things we invest mental energy on worrying about never come true.  If you are feeling worried about certain aspects, find someone in your life who you can share this with.  This won’t change the situation, but is very likely to change the way you think and feel about it.  Finally, remember that in times of uncertainty is also the possibility of positive surprises, not just negative disappointments. 

By James Sturdee

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