Best Short Courses to Boost your CV

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Short courses can be a fantastic way to super charge your CV, helping you get the edge in your field without the need for a lengthy course. At REGENT Business School, we offer executive short courses in a wide variety of subjects, all of which are designed with the business world in mind.

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Whether you are hoping to make some much-needed changes in your career or you simply want to enhance your current skills for the competitive employment marketplace, we have hand-selected the courses that will be of most benefit to your resume.

Career-Boosting Distance Learning Short Courses

short courseShort business courses are structured carefully to give you optimal learning in a short time frame. Unlike a full length course, such as a degree programme or master’s course, these courses typically run for under a year. Subjects range from marketing modules to finance and general management, with each course helping to provide students with a better understanding of the topic at hand. Some particularly useful short business study courses include the following:

  1. Effective Business Writing. Communication plays a vital role in almost every aspect of business – from marketing to sales and even everyday interaction. Written communication is sadly a skill that is fast being lost, especially as instant messaging and social media continue to rise. Writing for business is a skill that will help in a wide range of job roles, giving you the ability to craft concise, factual and error-free emails, letters and documents that are appropriate for the corporate environment.
  1. Finance. If you have a basic understanding of finance and the role it plays in the business world, this course could help you hone those skills. A short course in this field could also offer a way in to an exciting career such as financial management, or help you get onto the right path for lucrative career opportunities within the broader finance sector.
  1. Managing and Leading. The need for good managers and strong leaders will never disappear. If you have dreams of leading a team or company someday, this is the best way to get started. In this course, you will get a better idea of what it really takes to be a leader, and learn what skills you need to develop to be an effective leader.
  1. Project Management. This field has become so popular that it has created the need for Project Managers. If you are super organised and have the ability to oversee multiple tasks and projects, a course in this field will help you get critical insight into the various processes involved in project management. Whether or not you plan to become a Project Manager, this skill is sought-after in numerous positions and companies.
  1. Management Strategy. Gaining insight into strategy at management level is also a good way to get ahead. If you are already on your way to leading a team, you may find that this course gives you the edge you need to reach your goals. Learning how to think strategically at top levels can only give you solid skills that enhance your employability.

Contact Regent Business School to learn more about our course options, or view our executive short course catalogue for a full list of subjects offered.


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