Can You Get a Degree Without University?

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cape town graduatesIs it possible to get a degree without university? This question is asked quite a bit, and, while the answer is not always exactly what you might expect, it is a very valid question to those considering their future options as far as studying and working are concerned.

The reality of further education is that you can only get a degree by completing a degree course. But, while you do need to get such a qualification through an accredited educational institute, it does not always have to be a traditional university.

What You Should Know About Getting a Degree in Cape Town

Before we go into what it takes to get a degree in Cape Town, it is important to first understand the differences between various types of learning institutes. They are often lumped together, but the style of learning, admission requirements and even the cost can be vastly different depending on where you choose to study.

distance learning collegeThe term university comes from the Latin phrase universitas magistrorum et scholarium, which roughly means “community of teachers and scholars.” These higher learning institutes offer both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications that include degrees as well as diplomas, higher certificates and short courses. These institutes typically have branches that are situated throughout various regions, such as REGENT Business School, which has campuses in Cape Town and many other parts of South Africa. Traditional universities require students to be present on campus, while remote universities allow students to learn from anywhere in the country, with the help of various tools and systems.

What this means is that getting a degree through a conventional on-campus university or college will differ to getting one through a distance learning university. The primary differences include the following:

  • You do not have to be based in the same town or city to obtain your qualification. If you live in a rural area and lack of access to a campus is the reason for not being able to study, this means that remote learning gives you the chance to complete your course without the extra struggles of finding residence, getting transport and moving into an urban centre.
  • You can qualify while you are working in a full time job. If you are unable to study because you are already working, remote learning will also address this barrier. As studying is done remotely, in your own time, you will be able to juggle work and studies, with time off needed only for exams.
  • You can find an affordable study solution. Some of the larger, on-campus centres are notoriously expensive, which is a major barrier to studying further. While investing in your education is important, you may find that remote classes are more achievable from a financial point of view, as the overhead costs are reduced when lessons are planned remotely.

For students who are serious about obtaining a genuine degree from an accredited learning centre, don’t be put off by the thought of only having one route to get where you want to go. Distance learning in Cape Town offers all of the advantages of getting a degree, with plenty of additional benefits that help you reach your dreams. For more information on the REGENT Cape Town campus, contact REGENT today on +27 (21) 671-7005 or [email protected].


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