How Are Universities Accredited in South Africa?

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business schoolOne of the biggest concerns that any parent has when a child is planning to study further is the topic of university accreditation in South Africa. Every parent wants their child to get the best possible start in life, and as such, universities on the prospective short list for application need to meet certain requirements. Accreditation ensures that all educational facilities adhere to standards that are set forth by independent governing boards and agencies. Simply put, it makes all the difference between an authentic qualification and a piece of paper that is recognised nowhere but the school by which it was issued.

South Africa is home to some of the best tertiary institutions in the world. In addition to academic, technology, law and medicine, many top business schools can be found here. Traditional on-campus facilities and remote learning facilities provide students with more flexibility and choice than ever before, allowing local and international students from urban and rural centres to achieve their dreams of studying further. Through the many universities found across the country, a wide variety of Higher Certificates, diplomas and degrees are offered for undergraduate and postgraduate students. To ensure that these qualifications are legally valid and granted according to standards set forth by the Higher Education Act, South African learning facilities report to their own councils.

How is REGENT Business School in Cape Town Accredited?

At REGENT Business School in Cape Town, high quality academic programmes are provided across a range of qualifications and courses. All REGENT programmes are developed internally, with the assistance of its own highly capable team along with many expert consultants from business and academic sectors. Course programmes are reviewed annually according to South African laws. REGENT is fully registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), and has accreditation for all of its courses that has been awarded by the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) of the Council on Higher Education (CHE).

Accreditation for all courses at Regent Cape Town comprises the following:

When assisting your child with applications, always be sure that your chosen school is fully accredited to provide qualifications that are authentic and beneficial. Taking a chance on unaccredited universities may seem like a more affordable option, but the damage that it can do is irreversible. Without a valid qualification, your child’s future is at stake. To learn more about university accreditation at REGENT Business School, contact our Cape Town branch today on +27 (21) 671 7005 or email us at [email protected].


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