How Postgraduate Studies Help Entrepreneurs

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postgraduate degreePostgraduate studies are certainly useful for those working up the proverbial career ladder, but when it comes to entrepreneurs and self-starters, these courses have the power to be equally effective. The secret lies in choosing the right course, which will provide you with all the grounding you need to get ahead in your solo business pursuits.

There is a great misconception that starting a business or being an entrepreneur is easy. Some believe that the title is worn by those who don’t really do anything other than sit around at coffee shops, with an Apple Mac laptop. In reality, most entrepreneurs work just as hard as anyone in a traditional job… some even more so.

Smart entrepreneurs know that true success is not achieved overnight, or without hard work. Creating a foundation for success is vital, and to do that, both undergraduate and postgraduate courses are completed to gain every possible bit of skill and knowledge to put towards starting (and growing) a business.

Best Postgraduate Courses for Entrepreneurs

Some postgrad courses in South Africa that have major success power for entrepreneurs include the following:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours).

BCom Honours is hands down a valuable qualification for anyone to have – particularly those in business. Future managers know this, and so do self-starters who plan to run their own companies in the future. The course gives an extensive insight into commerce at all levels, from marketing to finance and everything in between. Requirements for the course include a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent, usually in the same field.

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA).

The elusive MBA needs very little introduction. Reasons to do an MBA range from enjoying a higher earning potential to career diversity, but another reason to consider this course is the chance to gain vital skill in business management. A two year course that is often demanding and notoriously tough, this qualification will give you a fantastic background in what it takes to run a business.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management.

If you have plenty of technical skill, but need to work more on your people skills, a qualification in management is key. Many self-starters dream of making it, only to battle when they are faced with the realities of managing large teams. Even if you are the owner of your business, you still need to learn how to manage others.

As a REGENT postgraduate student, you have the world at your doorstep. Whether you pursue your dreams of starting a business or choose to follow a different career path, our postgrad courses in South Africa have something for everyone!


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