Security Concerns with University Studies in Cape Town

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study in cape townIf the thought of sending your child to university in Cape Town leaves you somewhat stressed, you’re certainly not alone. For many parents, the ritual of seeing a child off to study away from home is not without its share of panic. University is often the first time that a child is away from home, and safety is understandably high on your list of concerns.

These worries are amplified further when available study facilities are situated away from home. Residences are only as safe as the campus, while off-residence options such as shared digs can be even more daunting.

How safe are universities in Cape Town in reality, and what options are available to students and parents wanting to avoid potential risks of studying away from home?

On-Campus vs Distance University in Cape Town – Which is Safer?

Higher learning facilities all over the world have had their share of bad press where safety is concerned. Without adding to your concerns, the period after leaving high school has always been challenging. This is often the first time that young people gain true independence. Between the huge parties, battle for free thought, on-going equality struggles and broader social context of any given institute, in any given country or era throughout history, this is a time when students break away from childhood and begin the journey into adulthood.

Despite this coming of age passage, the very real risks on campus today cannot be overlooked. This, along with the numerous other benefits offered to students, is one of the reasons that many young adults are considering distance university in Cape Town as an alternative to on-campus university.

As classes are taken remotely, through interactive lessons, email and/or correspondence assignments and self-paced study sessions, students can learn from any location – even rural hometowns. This immediately removes the risks faced by protests, on-campus disputes and any other potentially dangerous situations. For parents of young women, this adds further peace of mind to the worries of shared residences and co-ed campuses. For parents with children who would otherwise have to travel long distances to get to classes, the risk of public transport is reduced greatly, with students only needing to be present for exams.

For students, this form of study takes away a great deal of pressure without jeopardising any independence. Those who choose to live at home can do so until they are ready to leave the proverbial nest, while those who want to consider finding their own place can do so without having to be limited to finding somewhere on-campus or close to campus. As distance universities work on a flexible, self-paced system, students can create a controlled environment that fits in with part-time work and family responsibilities.

distance learning

For parents, having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your child is getting an excellent education, without the risks of on-campus learning, is invaluable. To learn more about the REGENT Business School approach, contact our Cape Town branch today and let us know if you have any questions on the application process.


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