Top 5 Reasons to do an MBA

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accredited mbaIf you are serious about fast-tracking your career and growing your skills in the business world, few qualifications can match those provided by an accredited MBA course in South Africa. Short for Master of Business Administration, the MBA is often considered the world’s most recognised, important business management qualification.

Used across numerous industries ranging from engineering to business, education, healthcare and other sectors, this qualification equips future leaders with essential skills, while enhancing personal development.

What benefits can MBA graduates expect to enjoy, and how could you benefit from obtaining an MBA degree in South Africa?

Why Take an Accredited MBA Course in South Africa?

Some of the most notable advantages offered through this qualification include the following:

  1. High Salary Potential

Globally and within SA, MBA graduates generally receive a higher salary potential than non-MBA graduates. As this qualification is geared towards equipping graduates with all of the skills needed to succeed in business management, graduates who hold this degree are extremely sought-after in numerous positions within the public and private sector. Higher skilled employees often enjoy a higher pay grade, making this degree one of the most lucrative business qualifications.

  1. Entrepreneurial Growth

A Master in Business Administration is also a great tool for self-starters working towards starting a business. Budding entrepreneurs will benefit from intensive business training that includes management, administration, finance and every other aspect of business. With this qualification, graduates can pursue dreams of starting a company, while contributing towards South Africa’s growing economy.

  1. Better Career Opportunities

Graduates seeking career advancement will also benefit from an MBA degree. This qualification covers many crucial aspects of business, making it a versatile and useful tool for career opportunities and growth. MBA graduates are always in high demand, and those who study through distance learning are able to study while working full-time. The value to employers is so great that many assist employees in obtaining an MBA during the course of employment.

  1. Increased Credibility

Pure gold on any resume and equally valuable for those branching out into self-employment, an MBA degree offers a great deal of credibility. As this is a globally recognised qualification, it provides an instant advantage in the often competitive business market. This degree shows that you are skilled in all areas of business, and that you are highly dedicated and driven towards success. It also helps to enhance your reputation within various skill fields, whether that is finance, consultation, management or any other area of business.

  1. Greater Flexibility

Distance learning is one of the simplest and most effective ways to pursue your MBA qualification. This type of learning allows you to study at your own pace, while keeping your regular job. This enables a greater level of accessibility for students who lack time or means to attend traditional lectures. Interactive lessons, virtual classrooms, student support, correspondence assignment and other features ensure a comprehensive learning system that includes assessment and teacher feedback. If you have a demanding schedule, this means that you can still pursue your dreams of studying further when your time allows.

Simply put, in the world of business, an accredited MBA course in South Africa is without a doubt one of the greatest investments that you can give for your future growth. Contact REGENT today to enrol and start down the path to a brighter future.


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