What Degree is Right for Me?

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undergraduate degreeWith so many degree courses in Cape Town, it can be hard to know which one is the best option for your needs. Not too long ago, studying was about finding a vocation that would provide you with long-term stability for years to come. Today however, many students are looking for a qualification that will open all the right doors without the risk of being ‘stuck’ in one role forevermore.

In the world of business, distance learning offers a way to study while you are working. Many business schools, such as REGENT Cape Town, are offering the chance for students to gain key skills that will not only help you  grow, but also to find a path that is challenging without being limiting.

While the best way to decide which degree to study is to evaluate your key interests, skills and goals, it can also be extremely valuable to consider the bigger picture aspect of courses that you have short listed. What types of jobs can be found on completion of the course? What sort of career map are you looking at? What sort of salary range can you expect? Will you be able to explore new opportunities or will you be limited to one field without any room to develop?

Choosing the Right Distance Learning Degree

These questions should help you get some idea of the direction you need to take. To give you an idea of what some of the most popular degrees in Cape Town have to offer, the following information should also help…

This versatile degree focuses on business management and administration within the public and private sectors. For those wanting to consider working for local or national government, this role is a good choice. But it also provides a solid framework for anyone wanting to master the fields of management, administration and general business.

According to, average salaries for BAdmin degree holders ranges from R71,186 to R313,208 in Cape Town. Typical positions to consider with this qualification include Office Administration, Management, Account Management, Credit Controller and others.

One of the most sought-after qualifications all over the world, the BCom focuses on all aspects of business – management, decision making and technology. It provides an extensive foundation in the greater field of business management, with theoretical and practical exposure to the various facets of commercial enterprise. From marketing to accounting, economics, commercial law, management and even entrepreneurship, this degree offers a world of opportunity across all areas of business.

Those who are equipped with a BCom qualification in Cape Town can typically expect to earn between R131,473 and R472,599. Positions that may be considered for qualified degree holders include Financial Manager, Accountant, Business Analyst, Managers, Entrepreneurs and more.

 Even though HR is a relatively specialised field, it is also an exciting one that offers a wide range of opportunities. This degree in Human Resource Management provides a comprehensive overview of management practice in local and international contexts. For those wanting to learn the ropes of management, this is a great choice.

which qualification is bestHolders of a BcomHR in Cape Town can expect to earn an average of R229,920. A qualification in Human Resource Management prepares the successful student to enter a wide range of careers, including Human Resource Manager, Human Resource Consultant, Industrial Relations Manager and Industrial Relations Consultant.

While these degree programmes in Cape Town are certainly worth considering, they are just a fraction of your options. Once you know what you are looking for in terms of growth, goals and future plans, it will become far easier to choose the degree that is just right for you. To learn more about studying at REGENT Cape Town, contact us today on +27 (21) 671-7005 or [email protected].


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