Which Distance Learning University is Best in Cape Town?

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cape town distance learningWith so many options to consider, how do you help your child determine which distance learning university in Cape Town is best for his or her needs? While students are ultimately responsible for making a decision based on their goals, requirements and future plans, parents often need to provide guidance and advice to avoid rushed or badly thought-out decisions. In the case of parents being the primary financial sponsors, cost is something that also needs to be considered when making a decision.

Choosing the top ranking remote learning institutes based on reputation alone is one way to make a decision. With that said, certain facilities offer unique advantages that others may lack. Likewise, some may have a course selection that is perfect for your child’s career path, while others, even if they have a reputation of excellence, may not have the exact course options that your child requires. As such, the question on which distance university is the best often comes down to which is the best for your child.

Choosing a Distance Learning University in Cape Town

To help you make a short list of suitable options, the following criteria should be considered in the search for the best distance education university in Cape Town:

  • Reputation. This is important enough that it should not be overlooked, but while a good reputation should be a pre-requisite, it does not mean that it is the only thing to consider when selecting a school. Some of the bigger, better known establishments have a solid reputation, but lack support systems and flexibility.
  • Courses. If your child is dreaming of a career in business, whether that is finance, marketing, MBA or entrepreneurship, you may find it best to consider a business school that offers a variety of courses designed for the business environment. A broader course offering may not provide as many subjects that specialise in the field of business.
  • Accreditation. This is an absolute essential. If the university is not accredited, it means that you may end up wasting a fortune on a piece of paper that will be useless on your child’s resume. Accredited facilities are legal, authorised and governed by a set of standards that ensure that the best quality of education can be provided.
  • Flexibility. What forms do lessons take? How flexible is the facility? Any good distance education campus will make learning accessible for students. If classes are limited to old-fashioned correspondence and no interactive tools are offered, it may make it harder for assignments to be completed, but classes that include email, online, peer learning and other options ensure full flexibility.
  • One of the biggest challenges for distance learners is getting the support they need from educators. Feedback on assignments, advice, questions and other comments should be able to be addressed to someone who responds. If your child is left in the dark, without support, learning becomes far more of a challenge than it should be, so this should be high on the list of must-haves for any school.


Once you have made a list of prospective institutes, use these points to determine whether or not your options are truly suitable. This will go a long way in helping you find the best distance learning college in Cape Town for your child.


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