Why Study Accounting?

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BCOMAccountingIf you have been wondering whether to study accounting in South Africa, you may be surprised to know that this career path is one of the most exciting options with plenty of opportunities for growth. Accounting has often been considered a field that is limited to banks and financial institutes, but in reality, this career path offers a diversity of opportunities across multiple sectors. Qualified accountants are in high demand all over the world, with high earning potential, high job security and many challenges that make the field interesting for graduates.

What should you know about completing accounting courses in South Africa, and why is this field one you may be interested in pursuing?

Reasons to Consider Accounting Courses in South Africa

Some of the biggest advantages to completing a traditional or distance learning accounting qualification include the following:

  1. Job security

Accounting goes hand in hand with business, which means that you cannot have one without the other. This means that accountants are always in demand, both locally and abroad. Whether you choose to work in a financial firm, bank or at a company as part of an accounts team, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that you will almost always find work within your chosen career.

  1. Career growth

The demand for qualified accountants also means that you have a lot of room to grow within your chosen career. Many accounting specialists make their way to the top of the corporate ladder, with prospects such as CFO adding even more incentive to rise to the top. Many large-scale corporations require talented, hard-working accountants and graduates can look forward to many lucrative prospects after qualifying and gaining experience within the field.

  1. Diversity of work

Your accounting degree puts you in line for a wide range of fields within the broader arena of accounting. Whether you are interested in auditing, cost accounting, management accounting, forensic accounting or something else that allows you to hone your skills, work opportunities are diverse and often rewarding in ways that go far beyond pay grade.

  1. Growth potential

As the financial backbone of the business, accounting plays a vital role within any company. Accounting teams typically interact and build relationships with various departments within the company. This makes it possible to pursue opportunities within your company that you may not have previously considered and further adds to the potential for growth.

  1. Exciting challenges

The world of finance is exciting and interesting, which is one of the reasons that it attracts graduates. Many globally recognised companies around the world offer placements for qualified accountants, while locally; graduates have the chance to manage accounts for some of South Africa’s top players in the business field.

Interested in this career path? To learn more about accounting courses in South Africa, contact REGENT Business School today.


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