Post Graduate Diploma

Study Educational Management and Leadership and Earn CPTD Points

A postgraduate qualification in Educational Management and Leadership can be invaluable for educators who are seeking to build a career within educational management. This qualification can also help you earn CPTD points. The CPTD (Continuing Professional Teacher Development) system was launched by SACE (South African Council of Educators) as a way for teachers to deepen…

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Postgraduate Diploma

Making the decision to start a postgraduate diploma is one that can help you grow in your career path. For some students, the learning path begins and ends at undergraduate level, but for others who have big plans for their careers, postgrad studies offer the best way to continue learning. Some may be aiming to…

Benefits of Postgraduate Distance Learning

If you have been wondering whether to consider postgrad distance learning, you may already have some idea of what this alternative to on-campus schools has to offer. While there is no doubt that distance education has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years, there is still a great deal of misconception surrounding…

What Postgraduate Options Do I Have?

You completed your time as an undergrad, and now it’s time to think about studying again… what postgraduate options do you really have and how do you choose the right course for your career goals? Achieving your qualification is the biggest hurdle in the quest for further education, but, for many students, it is by…

Should I Do Postgraduate Studies in Cape Town?

For undergraduates wondering whether to complete postgraduate studies in Cape Town, South Africa’s Mother City offers not only a variety of opportunities for programmes, internships and work, but also the chance to enjoy the world-class standard of living enjoyed within this province. While Johannesburg holds the award for most populated city, Cape Town is a…

Vital Steps To Getting Your MBA

The road to MBA accreditation is not always the easiest, but it is certainly one of the most rewarding. If you have big plans to get ahead in the world of business, this programme is a must. One of the most commonly asked questions that future MBA students have often comes down to what steps…

Who Should Do an MBA?

If you have been thinking about doing an MBA in South Africa, you may already have some idea of the benefits that this programme offers. But, while many have known right from high school that they were destined for big things in the business world, others may be a little unsure of whether an MBA…

How Do Marketing Courses Help Your Career?

Wondering whether marketing courses are a good choice for your future career? Whether you are interested in the public relations side, digital side, advertising side or general management side of this exciting field, marketing qualifications help you gain vital skills in the business world. From courses such as the REGENT Higher Certificate in Marketing Management,…

Choosing a Post Graduate Diploma for Business

Deciding on a post graduate diploma can be challenging, whether you study through a distance educational facility or a traditional institution. What makes distance learning an excellent way to study is that it gives you far more flexibility than most other study facilities. Classes are taken remotely, using a range of tools such as correspondence,…

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