Course ID Course Number Course Name Instructor Room Number Days Time Credits Prerequisites
AAT - Level 4 AAT - L4 Certificate: Accounting Technician (NQF Level 4)
AAT-L5 AAT-L5 Certificate: Accounting Technician (NQF Level 5) NQF 4
SPFETCLD SPFETCLD FETC : Leadership Development (NQF Level 4)
SPITEUC SPITEUC Information Technology – End user Computing
SPLED SPLED Local Economic Development (NQF Level 4)
SPLG SPLG Local Government (NQF Level 5)
SPLG SPLG Local Government (NQF Level 6)
SPLGCP SPLGCP Local Government Councillor Practices (NQF Level 3)
SPLGSS SPLGSS Local Government Support Services (NQF Level 3)
SPMFA SPMFA Municipal Finance and Administration (NFQ Level 4)
SPMFM SPMFM Municipal Financial Management (NFQ Level 6)
SPMG SPMG Municipal Governance (NQF Level 5)
SPMIDP SPMIDP Municipal Integrated Development Planning (NQF Level 5)
SPPFA SPPFA Public Finance and Administration (NQF Level 5)
SPWCG SPWCG Ward Committee Governance (NQF Level 2)
SPWM SPWM Wealth Management
SPWROS SPWROS Wholesale and Retail Operations Supervision (NQF Level 4 – 120 credits)