Course ID Course Number Course Name Instructor Room Number Days Time Credits Prerequisites
AAT - Level 4 AAT - L4 Certificate: Accounting Technician (NQF Level 4)
AAT-L5 AAT-L5 Certificate: Accounting Technician (NQF Level 5) NQF 4
SCBE SCBE Budgeting Essentials
SCCM SCCM Conflict Management
SCEBW SCEBW Effective Business Writing
SCECM SCECM Effective Change Management
SCEI SCEI Emotional Intelligence
EEENT EEENT Entrepreneurship 3 modules
EEFN EEFN Finance 2 modules
SCFMNM SCFMNM Financial Management for Non-financial Managers
SCFAM SCFAM Financial/Accounting Management
SCFR SCFR Fund Raising
SCG SCG Governance
EEHRM EEHRM Human Resource Management 3 modules
SCHRM SCHRM Human Resource Management
SCJMDP SCJMDP Junior Management Development Programme
EELPS EELPS Leadership and Personal Skills 5 modules
SCLI SCLI Legal Issues
EELG EELG Local Government 3 modules
EEMST EEMST Management Strategy 2 modules
SCML SCML Managing and Leading
EEMS EEMS Marketing and Sales 3 modules
SCMM SCMM Marketing Management
SCMC SCMC Mentoring and Coaching
SCMMDP SCMMDP Middle Management Development Programme
SCPM SCPM People Management
EEPM EEPM Project Management 3 modules
SCPM SCPM Project Management
SCRM SCRM Risk Management
SCSMDP SCSMDP Senior Management Development Programme
SCSCM SCSCM Supply Chain Management
SCTLC SCTLC The Leader as a Coach
SCTT SCTT Train the Trainer