MBA Dissertation

  1. Upon registering for the MBA dissertation, the student will receive an e-mail from RBS, with the topic motivation template to complete that and send back.
  2. Once this is approved, RBS sends the student a proposal template and they need also need to complete and send back. Approval in both instances may take time and it is not always that the approval happens at the first attempt. The students work gets approved only when all requirements are met.
  3. Once the proposal is approved, the student is appointed a supervisor.
  4. The student will work with his/her supervisor from chapter one to chapter five of the dissertation (60 -100 pages including references and appendices).
  5. Once this process is complete, the supervisor will send to the research administrator, Mr. Stanton Thomas, a supervisor’s report.
  6. Thereafter, the research department reviews the student’s work internally and sends back corrections that need to be attended to by  the student.
  7. Once the corrections have been made to the satisfaction of the research department, the student’s work will be sent for external examination.
  8. The student’s mark will then be ratified at a research committee meeting and he/she will be contacted and requested to bind the dissertation.
  9. The process from the point of registration to the completion of the five chapters should be complete within a 6 month period, after which the student will be requested to pay an extension fee.