Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM)

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On completion of this qualification, graduates will be able to:

  • Display the necessary knowledge, skills,attitudes and applied competence to enable them to demonstrate administrative and managerial proficiency
  • Display knowledge of management in general
  • Apply skills of rational judgement and planning
  • Recognise and appreciate change within organisations
  • Make appropriate use of information technology
  • Analyse and solve operat ional problems
  • Display skills for the recording and processing of information
  • Display ethical behaviour in a corporate management context

What is the duration of the programme, how is it structured?

The minimum duration of this programme is three years.

Year 1

Semester Modules

  • Business Communication 101
  • Statistics 102

Annual Modules

  • Business Management 1
  • Accounting 1
  • Economics 1

Year 2

Semester modules

  • Commercial Law 201
  • Information Systems 202

Annual modules

  • Business Management 2

Any 2 of the following electives : 

  • Economics 2
  • Accounting 2
  • Marketing 2
  • Project Management 2
  • Health Management 2
  • Information Technology 2
  • Supply Chain Management 2
  • Human Resource Management 2
  • Risk Management 2
  • Retail Management 2

Year 3

 Semester modules

  • International Business 302 or Taxation 302
  • Entrepreneurship 301

Annual Modules

  • Business Management 3

Any 2 of the following electives: 

(Follow up from the 2nd year electives)

  • Economics 3
  • Accounting 3
  • Marketing 3
  • Project Management 3
  • Health Management 3
  • Information Technology 3
  • Supply Chain Management 3
  • Human Resource Management 3
  • Risk Management 3
  • Retail Management 3


More Information

Within the public or private sector, managerial expertise is highly valued and career advancement within the management sphere is supported by a recognised degree qualification. In fact, many professionals in sectors such as engineering, health services and education choose to complement their existing degrees with a BCom as this ensures career advancement and provides an integral understanding of the business aspects key to their sector of interest.

The REGENT BCom focuses on decision-making, management and technology within the business arena and is designed to give the student a strong foundation in the essential skills required for a successful career in business management. The BCom fully equips students with both theoretical and practical exposures preparing them for a professional, commercial environment.

What will I gain from this programme?

Our accredited and recognised BCom provides graduates with:

  • A career path in commerce.
  • An understanding of management functions within the business environment.
  • A greater ability to communicate effectively, manage human resources and handle labor relations functions.
  • A proficiency at interpreting and using numerical and statistical knowledge.
  • Expertise in the use of conventional accounting processes.
  • An appreciation of ethical behavior within business practices.
  • Insight into the computerised business information systems environment and its essential management functions.
  • A knowledge that is relevant to the economic context of the business environment.
  • An ability to perform research in the field of business management.
  • Skills that will boost their career and improve performance.

How is the programme delivered?

REGENT Business School is a dedicated distance and supported learning provider, offering a focused, student-orientated approach. Each student receives a comprehensive study pack for all their courses which is supplemented by ongoing tutor access and support via telephone or email. The programme delivery is sensitive to the diverse needs of the learners, especially those who intend to work whilst studying via supported distance learning.

There are 2 options available to BCom students:

Option 1

This option is for students who prefer to work independently. The modules are a mix of self-directed reading, case-study analysis, and discussion at workshops. Workshops are held over two weekends for every semester and are voluntary. These workshops give the student the opportunity to interact with tutors and fellow students in a practical setting. Workshops are held in regions where there is adequate demand.

Option 2

This option is for students who prefer to have considerable contact with tutors and fellow students, whilst benefiting from the freedom of self-study. Students opting for this mode of delivery will have the benefit of a formal classroom situation with an interaction between tutors and students. This option offers small classes, individual access to tutors with daily lectures. Because of the increased interaction and additional benefits, this format of distance learning is called rich-distance. Rich-distance is an excellent choice for students who want the support of conventional lectures at a cost usually comparable with distance education.

*Lectures are held in Durban and Johannesburg on confirmation of student demands.