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The RBS Short Courses and Executive Education Division has developed a series of programmes that is designed to provide individuals and organisations with the management competencies and critical thinking skills necessary to build and sustain competitive advantages in a rapidly changing and complex business environment. RBS is an accredited Higher Education provider with experience and expertise in delivering a range of local and international business and management education programmes. Students opting to do an RBS short course also benefit from this heritage of academic expertise, intellectual capital and experience. The courses offered by RBS are not just “off the shelf” courses, but specifically tuned to suit the specific needs of organisations, thus providing a course with relevance and currency.

Notwithstanding what bestseller books may say, there are no quick fixes to dynamic management and effective business leadership. Taking cognisance of this fact, RBS has carefully crafted its range of short, executive education courses that draw from its experience of designing and delivering a range of relevant international and local business and management education programmes as well as its research and intellectual capital developed and honed over the years.

How is the programme delivered?

These courses will be delivered through a variety of modes that are designed to provide convenience and flexibility to busy persons in full time employment. Typically, each programme will be conducted over a period of a few days, during working hours; and weekends for persons and organisations that may appreciate the benefits of ‘a few days out of the office’!

Alternatively, the courses can be conducted over a number of evenings or weekends.

The following is a brief catalogue of popular short courses offered by RBS. If a short course is needed that’s not found in the catalogue, RBS could possibly design it for you.*

  • Effective Project Leadership
  • Designing your Project
  • Project Management
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