Public Finance and Administration (NQF Level 5)

Who Should Attend

• Public Officials

Learning Assumed To Be In Place

• Communication at NQF Level 4.
• Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy at NQF level 4. • Computer Literacy at NQF Level 3.
• Recognition of Prior Learning

Programme Description

The National Diploma in Public Finance and Administration consists of exit level learning outcomes covering accounting reporting, administration, auditing, budgeting, economics, information systems, business calculations, risk management and legislative framework for the public sector. The competencies covered in the unit standards encapsulate the competencies required by public officials working at the operational level. The qualification will therefore enhance the ability of the qualifying learner as a public finance official to perform the necessary financial administration tasks expected as well as improve management abilities.

Programme Outcomes

  • Conduct and apply mathematical analyses relating to economics and finance.
  • Discuss the selected legislative regulatory framework governing the public sector
  • management and administration environment.
  • Manage and develop oneself in the public sector work environment.
  • Apply economics principles to finance and management decisions.
  • Apply knowledge of ethical principles and standards of professional conduct in
  • public sector administration.
  • Apply communication principles in the coordination of selected public sector
  • communication programmes.
  • Apply accounting principles and procedures in the preparation of reports for
  • decision-making.
  • Apply the principles of budgeting within a municipality.
  • Apply cost management information systems in the preparation of management
  • reports.
  • Apply principles, regulations and legislation underlying supply chain management in
  • the public sector.
  • Conduct and apply statistical analyses required to make informed public sector
  • finance decisions.
  • Apply selected GRAP statements to the periodic accounting reporting process.
  • Prepare and interpret tax reports and returns in accordance with South Africa’s tax
  • revenue law.