Ward Committee Governance (NQF Level 2)

Who Should Attend

• Ward Councillors
• Municipal employees

Learning Assumed To Be In Place

• Communication at NQF Level 1.
• Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 1.

Programme Description

The purpose of the qualification is to enable qualifying learners to apply the relevant competences required for proactive participation as a Ward Committee member so that they achieve municipal objectives. The qualification is aimed at learners working in a Ward Committee context within Local Government. The newly created sub-municipal Ward Committees play a critical role in achieving the objectives of Local Government including giving practical meaning and substance to the basic political commitment that ‘the People Shall Govern’. Being a representative structure of the community

and its citizens, the Ward Committees need to inform the municipality about the aspirations, potentials and problems of the people and form a bridge by facilitating proper communication between the Council and the citizens. On this basis, a need was identified to equip learners in the Ward Committee with the competencies they require to function as a Ward Committee representatives. The typical learner will be member of a Ward Committee participating in municipal processes at a local level. In addition persons seeking future employment in the Local Government sector may choose to complete the qualification.

Programme Outcomes

  • Conduct formal meetings to achieve Ward Committee objectives.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and apply the role of Ward Committee member in thecontext of core municipal processes.
  • Display an understanding of core municipal functions and Ward Committee in thesefunctions.
  • Facilitate service delivery in ward committee context.