Wholesale and Retail Operations Supervision (NQF Level 4 – 120 credits)

 Who should attend

Learners starting to access this qualification will have demonstrated competence against the relevant Numeracy and First Language Literacy standards at NQF Level 3, either through a previous qualification, or through the process of Recognition of Prior Learning, which assesses workplace-based experiential learning.

 Programme description

This qualification is a further step in a learning pathway that underpins a career in the Wholesale and Retail arena, and helps the progression for a career path within an organisation. This qualification is rooted in actual practice and the learner is expected to be part of a public or private organisation and/or company operating in the area.

 Programme outcomes


1. Apply comprehension skills to first language oral and written texts in the business environment.
2. Communicate orally and in writing (in second language) in a W&R environment.
3. Apply knowledge of mathematics and statistics to investigate, interrogate and solve life-related and financial problems.


4. Supervise stock counts and sales performance.
5. Supervise housekeeping and loss control measures.
6. Supervise customer service standards.
7. Describe and apply team leadership and team motivation.
8. Describe and apply the management functions of an organisation, including an understanding of Primary Labour Legislation.


9. Supervise promotional activities and point of sales operations.
10. Basic budgetary and financial requirements are applied.
11. Induct new members into teams and conduct formal meetings.
12. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Compensation for Occupational Injury and Disease Act, and the responsibilities of management in terms of the Acts.
13. Manage risk in own work/business environment.

Topics covered

  • Supervise sales performance
  • Supervise implementation of loss control measures
  • Supervise stock counts
  • Supervise housekeeping and hygiene in a store
  • Motivate a team
  • Describe and apply the management functions of an organisation
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of the Primary Labour Legislation that impacts on a business unit
  • Indicate the role of a team leader ensuring that a team meets an organisation’s standards