Effective Change Management

Who Should Attend

This training course targets all managers involved in the management of business or ICT, on the development, implementation or operational side:

  • CIO’s and IT managers
  • Service managers
  • Process consultants
  • Quality managers
  • Change managers
  • Project and programme managers
  • IT auditors and governance specialists

Programme Description

During this three day course you learn how to manage changes effectively by using the correct methodology and approach. You take your own change project with you to the training, work on it during the training, present it to a ‘management team’ and at the end of the course you have a blueprint of a change management plan for your own change project in the company. During the training you receive instruments, worksheets, directives and checklists necessary for a successful change management track. You learn how to apply them in combination with project management techniques and in process improvement tracks.

Programme Outcomes

Successful completion of this course will enable participants to:

  • Understand the principles related to change psychology
  • Discovery of the basic principles of change management;
  • Understand the Change Management Best Practices;
  • Apply the change management model;
  • Learn the “people” side of change and the application in a personal situation;
  • Apply the Change Management Process;
  • Learn the phase process for Change Management;
  • Organize Change Competence;
  • Connect Change Management to organization projects

* Students completing this course will learn the different domains of Change Management.

Topics Covered

  • Change Preparation
  • Make use of the most state of the art evaluation tools to set up a Change Management Strategy
  • Describe the Change Management Strategy
  • Prepare the Change Management Team
  • Develop a sponsorship model