Senior Management Development Programme

Who Should Attend

  • Managers and business people involved in management development Programme Description

Programme Description

This course is designed to equip senior managers with the skills and knowledge to function effectively in the South African work environment. The focus is to ensure that the knowledge gained is translated into the workplace.

Programme Outcomes

Learners should be able to:

  • Apply management principles in the work based context
  • Utilize technology to communicate effectively
  • Display research skills in conducting and applying the results to the business problem
  • Display leadership in the work environment
  • Manage financial risks
  • Develop strategic focus in a work based environment

Topics Covered

  • Management Styles and Assertive Training
  • Project Principles
  • Project Planning
  • Project Leadership and Project Controls
  • Service Evaluation,
  • Customer Behaviour, Marketing Concepts
  • Competitive Advantage, Communication and Ethical Issues
  • Strategic Orientation, Strategy as a Integrating Force
  • Knowledge Management
  • Ethical Issues Management
  • Change Management
  • HR Planning, Motivation
  • Conflict Management GAAP