Managing and Leading

Who Should Attend

This course is valuable for non-financial and financial group leaders:

  • Marketing managers,
  • Project managers and programme managers
  • Department heads
  • NGO staff that require the knowledge and skills necessary to raise funds for their organisaton

Programme Description

The purpose of this programme is to empower NGOs/NPOs with the skills to effectively communicate an organization’s message to potential clients, staff, community, churches, and donors. This programme is also designed for community based NGOs to develop an outlook and enhance their skills for systematic fund raising using local resources.

Programme Outcomes

Learners should be able to:

  • Identify potential donor sources
  • Develop action plans and fund raising budgets
  • Craft a convincing and concise fund raising pitch
  • Develop a persuasive proposal
  • Identify appropriate fund raising events
  • Project their costs and returns
  • Build project teams
  • Assess their capability and readiness to implement a variety of fund raising activities that are suited to their local contexts and communities
  • Enhance their skills in planning appropriate and effective fund raising strategies
  • Identify their local constituency and learn how to cultivate donor relationships
  • Identify local resources and opportunities for fund raising
  • Develop a mindset for successful and systematic fund raising


  • Potential donors and local resources available
  • Marketing
  • Strategies and Plans for systematic fund raising
  • Project teams
  • Skills to develop a persuasive pitch or proposal
  • Basic calculations to realising the cost and return involved in projects