Train the Trainer

Who Should Attend

  • Facilitators
  • Programme developers
  • Trainers, instructors
  • Managers who need to train their staff
  • Anyone who requires presentation skills

Programme Description

With the many technologies, systems and processes geared at ‘company specific’, organisations have no choice but to perform training themselves. Internal training is cost effective. Those that are asked to train do not have formal training on preparing and presenting training. In order to assist organisations to perform training, this program will equip learners with the skills needed to be effective training managers.

Programme Outcomes

Learners should be able to:

  • Define the role of the trainer
  • Defining the different training methods
  • Outlining the different presentation techniques and tools
  • Plan and conduct assessment
  • Describing effective communication skills
  • Design and conduct research

Topics Covered

  • Who is the trainer
  • The different training methods
  • The different presentation techniques and tools
  • How to plan and conduct assessment
  • Effective communication skills including barriers
  • Design and conduct research