We’ve been remote learning for 22 years!

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The COVID-19 crisis hasn’t just changed the way the world is doing business, and is going about its business, it has also impacted on the way we speak. Just a few months ago, who would have thought that terms such as social distancing, flattening the curve, lockdown, and self-isolation would be part of our daily vocab? However, one phrase being used around the world right now, isn’t new to our RBS community: remote learning.

We’ve been successfully involved in distance knowledge exchange for more than two decades! And there’s nothing “remote” about it. In fact, our E-learning model is fully engaging, supportive, and interactive:

We do “digital” differently: We have a strong people-first culture. While all our learning material and study resources are easily accessible online, our people are always on-hand to guide, help or advise you. You are never alone or “socially distanced”. Whether it’s live chats to talk you through admin, our WhatsApp Bot to answer your questions or student portals, our interactive tutor sessions, you always have human connection. It’s part of what we call “The RBS Experience”.

We love virtual dates: Everything from coffee dates to jam sessions and museum tours are virtual these days. The RBS community has been virtual dating for many years now. Students log on for webinars, presentations are voiced, our lecturers interact with students in support sessions, and we offer digital counselling sessions for students who need a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to lean on.

We are data-free: Our student community can access videos, tutorials and other online teaching tools for free following agreements we brokered with Cell C. This means you can navigate student portals and online resources without having to worry about topping up on data.

We are digital explorers: As tech evolves, so do we. We are fully immersed in the digitally-infused world of learning, and our team of innovators and creators is constantly finding new, exciting tech-driven ways to exchange knowledge.


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