Why Chartered Accountants (CAs) will always pack a powerful career punch

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How many times have you heard the words “uncertainty” and “the new norm” over the past few months? COVID-19 has altered almost every aspect of our lives and has triggered questions about the future of some jobs. However, if you are a BCom Accounting (SAICA) graduate, consider yourself well-placed.

Experts agree that there will always be a demand for highly-skilled accounting professionals, specifically Chartered Accountants (CAs). So, now would be a good time to consider ramping up your qualifications with our SAICA-accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting. This one-year programme will take you closer to enjoying the career agility and global relevance that a “CA(SA)” next to your name, brings…

Accounting and finance expertise: Around the world, Chartered Accountants are respected and sought-after for their business acumen. For as long as global economies are powered by sophisticated fiscal systems, CAs will remain an indispensable part of business due to their rigorous training. There will be always be a need for solid, strategic advice to attain sustainable business goals.

Informed decision-making: Chartered Accountants are trained to support corporate decision-making through analytical, data-driven insights. In an evolving post COVID-19 world, such skill and expertise will serve as a critical lifeline to businesses trying to successfully navigate unchartered waters. Advice based on facts and forecasts will be invaluable and will allow businesses to adapt their strategic focus to remain relevant and profitable.

Agile solutions: Chartered Accountants are flexible. They are trained to adapt to change which makes them perfectly placed to significantly guide businesses in an increasingly digitised world.

Relevance in a superior digital age: With COVID-19 fast-tracking the Fourth Industrial Revolution, global economies are quickly embracing digital innovation. If the pace of tech-driven developments is staggering now, they will be super-charged in the future. CAs will play an essential role in providing good forecasts, budgeting, and planning to help positively step-change businesses.

Winning personal traits: In May last year, the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) commissioned Stellenbosch University’s Institute for Futures Research (IFR)* to compile a report on the profession’s need to remain relevant. The IFR report found that the personal qualities of CAs(SA) will always be sought after. “The world needs professionals that they can trust; people with bright minds, disciplined approaches, a systems view of the world, coupled with a significant dose of professional scepticism; people able to act as integrators in a very complex world,” the report stated.

Your CA journey begins here

Every great journey starts with a step in the right direction. Your goal of becoming a CA begins with signing up for our Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (PGDA). This one-year SAICA-accredited qualification prepares you for SAICA’s Initial Test of Competence (ITC) or the Board 1 exam, taking you a step closer to your Chartered Accountant dream.

Our PGDA is a fully-supported distance learning programme. This means you can safely study in your own space while having full access to all the digital tools needed to successfully complete the qualification. These include online library resources, live chats with subject specialists, webinar lectures and online tutor sessions.

Even in the face of uncertainty, some things are certain. The corporate landscape of the future may be evolving in ways that are not necessarily predictable, but we can be sure that whatever the future looks like, Chartered Accountants will continue to play a significant role in defining business success.
It is for this reason that Chartered Accountants consistently feature in Jobs Of The Future lists. Register here for our Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and prepare for life as a CA(SA).

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