COVID-19 increases demand for healthcare professionals

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Never in history have five letters and two numbers wreaked havoc on people and economies, as COVID-19 has done. Suddenly, we can’t be sure of anything anymore – our health, jobs, our children’s education, daily routines, and what the future will be like for our loved ones. However, there are some key developments amidst the global chaos that, if we are agile and committed enough, we can use to build flourishing, secure futures.

For instance, there is a growing, critical need for forward-thinking professionals to chart new pathways for worldwide healthcare industries. An MBA in Healthcare Management plugs into this demand, empowering healthcare executives with the latest knowledge and skills in business and hospital management to overcome the extraordinary challenges facing today’s healthcare industry.

Expanding field that offers stability and growth. Worldwide, governments including ours, are building more hospitals and setting up additional healthcare facilities and systems to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. This inevitably calls for more professionals who are trained to handle healthcare systems. When you register for an MBA in Healthcare Management, you will get a comprehensive understanding of the different dimensions of the industry so you can successfully work in various roles in healthcare organisations.

It’s a smart upskill or reskill: You may be a parent who wants to give your child a better life; you may be a high-flying healthcare executive who longs for “something bigger and better”; or you may be a socially-driven citizen who’s determined to create a better, safer world. Upskilling or reskilling with an MBA in Healthcare Management opens up unlimited potential and possibilities to do better and be better. The qualification arms you with knowledge and skills to lead and manage health professionals, and health systems and services, boosting employability prospects.

Make a difference. Healthcare managers and leaders pave the way from public health and community preventive services, to primary healthcare, emergency health services, hospital services, and rehabilitation and palliative care, to tertiary level healthcare services.

Be involved in key decision-making. This programme is industry-aligned and gives you the holistic and competency-based grounding in business required to excel in the essential services industry. Students are empowered with high level analytical and conceptual skills, as well as practical knowledge and insights – all of which are must-haves for making critical, informed decisions in the healthcare sector.

Think global. This accredited qualification gives your career global wings. Healthcare is a trillion-dollar industry worldwide, and is expanding rapidly. Because we are a member of the global Honoris United Universities network, our graduates are skilled and qualified to work anywhere in the world.

A range of career choices. An MBA in Healthcare Management offers career flexibility in both the private and public healthcare industries. Graduates are skilled in making tough decisions, creative problem-solving, and critical thinking, so you can take your pick from a diverse range of jobs including medical managers, health information managers, Chief Financial Officers at medical facilities, healthcare consultants, hospital administrators, pharmaceutical project managers, pharmaceutical brand managers, policy analysts, researchers, healthcare HR managers, social and community service managers, and even medical entrepreneurship.

Our new CHE-accredited and SAQA recognised, digitally-supported, distance learning MBA in Healthcare Management is ideal for professionals looking for a career that will stand the test of time in a COVID-19 altered world. It’s perfect for action-oriented, top performers who subscribe to a “learn while you earn” culture. It’s best-suited for individuals who thrive on being at the forefront of innovative change, and those committed to crafting significant new realities to overcome global healthcare challenges. If this sounds like you, we invite you to be part of our exclusive MBA student community by registering here.


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