Make Remote Working Work For You


Duration: 8- 12 hours


Remote work can be defined as a working style which allows an individual to work outside of a traditional office environment. Remote work has developed since the global recognition that work does not need to be done in a traditional office environment for it to be completed successfully. This does not mean you only work from home, it involves the ability to work in spaces such as coffee shops, in a hotel, co-working spaces or working in any other space that suits you and your lifestyle best. This programme aims to provide you with the best possible approach to remote working


By completing this course, you will develop a broad understanding of the following content matter and should be able to:

  • Define what “remote working” is and the various components associated with it.
  • Recognize what productivity means when working remotely.
  • Construct a professional etiquette plan when working remotely.
  • Identify the benefits and challenges of working remotely and how these can be solved/achieved.
  • Develop an action plan for remote working.
  • Determine effective communication skills with co-workers.

Course Structure

This course is made up of three units. Each unit provides guidance, an action plan, and professional etiquette towards “making remote working work for you”. To support you during this course, theoretical and practical insights will be provided along with case studies and video outlines.

Module 1

Comprises a definition of what remote working is, along with suggestions about the mindset that one would benefit from when working remotely. Unit 1 also explores ways to set work routines and how to organise remote workspaces. These aspects assist the process of remote working.

Module 2

Discusses the challenges and opportunities of remote working. Further, it explores best practices that you can apply to your remote work journey to make it a success.

Module 3

The final unit of this course covers the topic of productivity whilst working remotely and effective communication practices/skills to implement with your co-workers when working remotely. This unit directs you towards developing an action plan for making this journey a success for you.

Additional information

  • Unlimited course attempts
  • Certification awarded (PDF to download)

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