Project Management

This programme provides delegates with the skillsand knowledge required to work effectively as part of a project management team, using an appropriate project management approach.

2 Days

Key features

  • Relevant to the economic context of the business environment.
  • Based on Industry trends and needs
  • Benchmarked against sound business & accounting principles
  • Flexible Programme Delivery options
  •  Easily accessible support
  • Builds a sustainable advantage


Effective project management involves, amongst others, meeting deadlines, working within budget, managing diversity among groups, problem solving and achieving outcomes/ objectives.This programme helps learners develop a functional understanding of project management.


Upon successful completion of the programme, the student should be able to:

  • Apply the knowledge and skills of project management
  • Provide support to a project manager
  • Be an effective team member
  • Analyse a project for cost, time and risk

Topics Covered

The course runs over two days

  • Concepts and basic principles of project management
  • Plan, monitor and control projects
  • Reporting on projects/ progress reports
  • Project leadership and project management skills
  • Project life-cycles and approaches
  • Provide support to a project team

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