Professor Anis Mahomed Karodia



Professor Anis Mahomed Karodia was born in Durban and matriculated from the Raisethorpe High School, Pietermaritzburg. He worked as a civil servant for 33 years in the North West Province of South Africa. He was the former Director of Veterinary Services, Chief Director of Agriculture and subsequently, Director General of the North West Provinces Departments of Agriculture and Education. He was also Education Administrator of the Limpopo Department of Education, in terms of Section 100 (1) b. of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. Karodia was also appointed as Minister of Agriculture and Water Affairs by the Transitional Executive Council of South Africa, after the collapse of the erstwhile Bophuthatswana government, in 1994. He served on many professional Boards, such as the South African Veterinary Council and the Agricultural Research Council of South Africa.

He is a prolific researcher and has published over 130 research articles, during his distinguished career as a civil servant and academic. He lectured at the Ivy League Institution, Cornell University and the University of Minnesota, in the United States of America and the North West University and Technikons in South Africa. He was the first ever black veterinary surgeon to qualify and register with the South African Veterinary Council, in the history of South Africa and, served as an examiner for the South African Veterinary Council. In addition, he was a political activist and led the campaign for veterinary redress for over 16 years. Karodia received a fellowship from the African National Congress and the United Nations to pursue veterinary studies in India.

He was also the first ever black South African veterinarian to be awarded recognition by the South African Veterinary Council for his services to the veterinary profession and the cause of disadvantaged black veterinarians in South Africa. Professor Karodia obtained his professional qualifications from India, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States of America and, holds the following professional qualifications:

(1). Bachelor of Veterinary Science;

(2). Bachelor of Animal Husbandry;

(3). Advanced Diploma in Public Administration;

(4). Honours Bachelor of Public Administration;

(5). Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies;

(6) Master’s Degree in Business Administration;

(7). Master’s Degree in Public Health;

(8). Post Graduate Certificate in Low Acid Foods;

(9). Post Graduate Certificate in Epidemiology;

(10). Development Research Fellow;

(11). Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD).

Professor Karodia is married to Fahmida and they have two children. His research interests straddle the fields of development, agriculture, healthcare, politics and management amidst a host of other research interests. He is currently attached to the REGENT gent Business School in Durban, South Africa as a Senior Faculty Member and Researcher.

Name: Anis Mohamed Karodia
Title/Position: Senior Academic & Researcher
Department: REGENT Business School – Academic & Research Department
Specialities: Veterinary Science; Animal Husbandry; Public Administration
Contact Email: [email protected]


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