Who Should Do an MBA?

mbaIf you have been thinking about doing an MBA in South Africa, you may already have some idea of the benefits that this programme offers. But, while many have known right from high school that they were destined for big things in the business world, others may be a little unsure of whether an MBA is the right move.

Essentially, almost EVERYONE in business benefits from doing an MBA. Not everyone has the staying power to achieve this often challenging qualification however. And, even more importantly, not everyone wants to pursue a career path within the business or management sector. To help you get a better idea of who benefits most from an MBA, we have some useful tips that show you what sort of values and goals you might have if this is your dream.

 Who Will Benefit From an MBA Programme?

As we said earlier, almost everyone in business will receive some benefit from this sort of qualification. With that said, certain people may be more suited to the challenges of completing the programme…

  •  People with a clear plan

 Going to business school without any plan or focus will end up overwhelming you from the very beginning. Those who attend business schools (whether through distance learning institutes or traditional schools) seldom do so without a clear plan. If you are looking for a two year ‘stop gap’ in your twenties or still trying to find yourself, you very likely will even think about achieving a serious qualification. Very often, future MBA students know what they want out of life from an early age. Each step that is taken is one that moves them closer towards that goal.

  • People with working experience

The majority of MBA schools in South Africa and abroad include your real-world working experience when deciding on acceptance. Sure, your previous qualifications and general aptitude are important, but work experience is essential. The ideal age for many MBA students is middle to late twenties. Often, this is because students of that age already have a solid introduction to the world of business and are able to contribute a lot more to the programme. Internships can also count towards that experience to some extent, so don’t feel put off if you have not worked seriously.

  • Leaders and influential people

Not all top execs landed instant top level jobs with the help of an MBA, but having leadership traits has certainly helped many get ahead in the long haul. If you have a natural ability to influence, lead, inspire and motivate, you very likely have the right sort of framework to succeed. By nurturing those latent skills through intensive programme modules and networking, you will be in an even better position to get ahead.

  • People wanting a change of career

If you are hoping to make some changes in your career path, the MBA is a great way to do so. Students have to develop a broad understanding of the entire business spectrum, as well as various job functions within each role. Whether you want to focus more on marketing than you have previously, or you are hoping to improve your knowledge of management, this programme is an excellent way to refocus and recharge your skills.

  • People seeking career advancement

In certain industries and job roles, only MBA graduates are considered as candidates. If you have your eye on a promotion or a lucrative position in the future, this programme is a great way to get all the skills you need to get ahead.

mba graduates

If you think you are one of those who would benefit from doing an MBA in South Africa, contact Regent Business School today and let us help you take the first steps in your future.

What You Need to Know About Getting a Business Administration Degree

business administration degreeAlso known as the BAdmin, the Business Administration degree is a three year under-graduate bachelor programme that is versatile, rewarding and excellent for career growth. This course is the precursor to the MBA (Masters of Business Administration) programme. It gives students the option to specialise in one of numerous fields within the greater business arena while focusing particularly on the administrative side of business.

If you are looking for a way to enter the often challenging but hugely exciting world of business, a Bachelor of Business Administration is an excellent way to start making your career dreams come true. To help you get started, we have put together some important information that you need to know about studying in this field.

Why Consider a Business Administration Degree?

Before we take a look at some of the benefits offered by this qualification, let’s look at what the course offers. Some quick facts:

  • Duration: Three years (two semesters per year; four modules per semester)
  • Requirements: National senior certificate with minimum Bachelor’s Degree admission or a relevant qualification or equivalent.
  • Sectors: Education, Government, Private Business and Retail to name just a few.

Some of the advantages of considering this qualification include the following:

  1. Job Versatility & Security

This qualification gives you stability, but it also gives you a great deal of versatility as well. Whether you are thinking about a career in finance, management, sales, manufacturing, consulting, admin, insurance or the public sector, this course equips you with the skills you need to find (and keep) jobs. Having a broad knowledge of business will also allow you a far greater understanding of all facets of doing business, which in turn means that you will never get bored or feel stuck in one role.

  1. Career Advancement

It’s not just finding a job and keeping it that you can look forward to – you can also look forward to advancing up the proverbial ladder. Educated, skilled employees are far more likely to advance than those that lack critical skills in the workplace. A qualification in business gives you a competitive edge, helping you get ahead in your career.

  1. Entrepreneurial Potential

If you are more interested in being your own boss than working for a company, you will find this course to be extremely useful for starting your own business, too. By learning every aspect of the business, you will be fully prepared for the changing climates of the corporate world and today’s markets. From the financial side of things to the management, marketing, admin and day to day tasks, you will be equipped with everything you need to forge your own path.

bachelor of administrationAs you can see, the Bachelor of Business Administration degree is an undeniably valuable tool when it comes to your career. Interested in this course? View our course information page to learn more about getting a BAdmin at REGENT Business School.