Why Choose a Marketing Management Course?

marketing courseIf you are wondering what direction to take as an undergraduate, a Marketing Management course may just be your ideal choice. This course offers a full introduction to the exciting, diverse world of marketing and is designed for budding marketing managers.

At REGENT Business School, we offer a year-long Higher Certificate in Marketing Management that covers all the topics you need to get started in this field. From the principles of marketing to business communication, customer relationship marketing, sales and marketing, quantitative marketing and business information systems, this course prepares you for one of the most exciting career paths of all.

Top Reasons to Consider a Marketing Management Certificate

Why should you consider a Marketing Management qualification in South Africa? This field plays an important role in business – on many levels. Finance, Human Resources, operations and many other aspects of an organisation need marketing to reach full potential, and, as globalisation and constant changes in technology continue, marketing has become more important than ever to meet the needs of today’s customer.

Here are some of the top highlights of the marketing manager’s role…

  • Marketing strategy. Customers are carefully evaluated and targeted, with strategic decisions made according to the needs of various market segments. The marketing strategy as a whole applies not only to specific marketing functions but also to the organisation, affecting each department in some way. Ultimately, this strategy is created to increase profits and grow the business.
  • Organisational management and leadership. Marketing is not only about advertising, sales and gimmicks. At management level, the overall goals of the business play a vital part in this role, too. As leaders, marketing managers need to be able to design and run programmes that will help the company meet core objectives. As such, courses developed for this role are vital.
  • Implementation and planning. A great deal of planning is involved in any strategy, and for marketing departments, this is especially true. Strategies need to be carefully planned according to budget, market and goals, with implementation planning that spans across pricing, products, place and people. This component makes up the ‘4 P’s’ of marketing.


With the help of a course structured to give a holistic overview of marketing from a management point of view, future managers will be able to develop all of the skills needed to help them in their chosen career. Marketing provides a fascinating insight into what it truly takes for businesses to succeed both locally and internationally, and for those wanting to thrive in the commercial world, few other courses can beat the advantages of marketing courses.

How Do Marketing Courses Help Your Career?

marketing courseWondering whether marketing courses are a good choice for your future career? Whether you are interested in the public relations side, digital side, advertising side or general management side of this exciting field, marketing qualifications help you gain vital skills in the business world.

From courses such as the REGENT Higher Certificate in Marketing Management, to longer courses that specialise in a specific off-set within the industry, this type of qualification will always add value… sometimes in ways that you do not expect.

Benefits of Marketing Courses for Your Career

What are some of the advantages of considering a marketing course? Let’s find out…

  • Improved communication skills

This industry is, after all, all about communication. For those studying marketing, this means having the chance to improve your communication skills on a deeper level. You will learn how to get brand and company messages across to diverse audiences, how to present yourself (and your company) in a positive way, how to promote, how to sell and how to make the right impression.

  • Increased career opportunities

Marketing professionals work in a huge range of businesses – in the private sector as well as the public sector. From fund raising to corporate publicity; advertising agencies to in-house copywriters, career opportunities are vast and plentiful. A qualification in the broader subject of marketing gives you a well-rounded understanding that equips you in forging your career path… whichever direction it may take you.

  • Increased employability

On a related note, this type of qualification opens doors for job seekers. Marketing teams can be found in almost every industry – agencies, in-house, outsourced or freelance. There are always a wide range of jobs available in this field, especially for those who have the required qualifications and skills. A higher certificate or diploma gives you a competitive edge over fellow job seekers, making you an excellent candidate for a variety of jobs.

  • Diverse career paths

As we have already mentioned, marketing is a hugely diverse field that has many facets. This makes for some exciting choices as far as your career path is concerned. Online marketing, traditional marketing, social media marketing, market research, communications and many other roles allow you to find many interesting opportunities that are rewarding on many levels.

  • Earning potential

marketing degreeIf fulfilment was not enough, you can also look forward to a fair to excellent earning range if you are qualified in this field. Depending on the company, job position and your experience, you could become a highly paid professional in time. As promotions are frequent in this industry, there is a lot of potential for growth. You may choose to start your own business or climb the corporate ladder to become a marketing manager or director.

Making an investment in your future is essential to reap the rewards. To learn more about the marketing courses offered at REGENT, contact us today or view our course catalogue.