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Are Degree and Certificate Programmes in Business Education only for the Privileged Few?

 Not so, says Ms Fathima Ussuph, Director of Student Recruitment at REGENT Business School. “The new Millennium and the Digital Economy”, she further asserts “Demand a new set of skills for businesses to function efficiently and productively”.    

The days when a privileged few achieved academic qualifications in order to seek a well-paying job are long gone by. Business schools have learned that they have to align with the needs of businesses of all sizes and shapes. REGENT Business School’s Academic Internship programmes through distance learning does precisely that, by going even further in bridging the gap between what businesses want and what it can offer. REGENT Business School certainly believes that combining a paid job with training towards an academic qualification is the best way to meet the needs of both the business sector and the employee.

Through the Internship Programme, employees who were previously denied opportunity to study would now be able to combine on-the-job training with flexible study programmes to acquire a degree, diploma or certificate qualification. The internship compact between Employer, Employee and REGENT Business School is a win-win scenario for all concerned. Moreover, the managerial and leadership skills gaps that have become sharply defined in the new millennium and the digital era are easily addressed by this new partnership.

Even for employers who see up-skilling of their employees as central to their talent strategy, academically educated personnel can become an intrinsic component in the equation to address higher level skills gaps. Given that well-educated employees are set to become a vital to the success of businesses, it is important that we work together to create a well-qualified workforce for the business sector and the country at large.

Our Internship Programme will empower business to attract employees with potential, enabling them to recruit from a larger pool of talent. Also worth considering is the use of the Internship Programme as an opportunity to train existing staff in new knowledge, or to retain senior staff who are motivated and engaged.

With more businesses expected to need staff with critical skills, REGENT Business School’s accredited BCom degree and post graduate programmes such as the Post Graduate Diploma in Management and the flagship MBA, reflect the knowledge, competencies and professional values required for management and leadership roles. The institution is also well-positioned to respond to the needs of businesses that require shaping the competencies they require. We can shape a bespoke Executive Education programme in management specifically for your needs.

The door is open for innovative partnerships in business development, especially in terms of businesses interested in matching their needs to academic programmes that REGENT Business School offers. Please get in touch with us to find out more about how the Internship Programme can work for your business and we will either arrange a visit to your workplace or look forward to welcoming you to our campus.



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