Should I Do Postgraduate Studies in Cape Town?

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postgraduate degreeFor undergraduates wondering whether to complete postgraduate studies in Cape Town, South Africa’s Mother City offers not only a variety of opportunities for programmes, internships and work, but also the chance to enjoy the world-class standard of living enjoyed within this province.

While Johannesburg holds the award for most populated city, Cape Town is a close second. In addition to being the legislative capital of South Africa, the city has also racked up a number of awards. In addition to its primary business node in the City Centre, additional commercial zones include the up-and-coming areas of Claremont, Century City and Bellville. A large number of corporate headquarters and offices can be found across numerous industries, particularly within the business field. Finance, accounting, marketing, commerce and management are just some of the major fields that are represented in the city. As a tourist destination, the city is one of the top places to visit in the world. But, as a study destination, it also offers a wide range of advantages for students pursuing postgraduate qualifications.

Top Reasons to Consider Postgraduate Studies in Cape Town

mba graduateWhy would you want to think about completing your postgraduate studies in Cape Town? For starters, try these benefits…

  • Internships. A major aspect of any postgrad programme is finding the right places for your internship. Cape Town offers an extensive range of intern opportunities across key sectors that include public and private organisations. Whether you are longing to find a finance internship at one of the country’s top banking institutes, or you want to be based in close reach to international or national headquarters of major companies, this is the place to be to find lucrative internships that help you get your career on track.
  • Graduate Opportunities. For new graduates, there are many dedicated programmes to be found across the city, in various fields and companies. Skilled employees are highly sought-after in any job market, but in Cape Town, the large number of recognised businesses allow for plenty of exciting potential prospects. If you choose a distance learning campus, you will have the added benefit of studying while you are working, which will further increase your opportunities when seeking work after your studies are complete.
  • Quality of Life. It’s not work and studies! As important as it is to stay on your path to success, you cannot afford to overlook the lifestyle advantages that this renowned city has to offer. When you are not working or studying, you will be able to enjoy some of the best beaches on the planet, along with plenty of attractions, activities and facilities that enhance your quality of life. After all, this is one of the biggest draw cards for those moving to Cape Town to study or work.

Of course, only you can decide whether or not to take the plunge. If you’re looking for a fantastic place to grow, develop and find your niche however, choosing to complete your postgrad studies in Cape Town is a decision that you will not regret! For more information on studying at REGENT Cape Town, contact us today on +27 (21) 671-7005.


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