Do You Work in the Medical Sector? Boost Your Career with Healthcare Services Management

A Healthcare Services Management qualification can be an excellent way for those in the medical sector to gain critical skill in the management side of healthcare. Designed for healthcare practitioners and professionals in related fields, this qualification is ideal for any medical specialist who is interested in a management career in the private or public sector.

South Africa has a shortage of highly trained healthcare management professionals, making this a field that offers many opportunities locally. Internationally, this career is equally sought-after. Healthcare Services Management professionals work in a number of settings, such as:

  • Private and state hospitals
  • Physician, therapist and practitioner offices
  • Clinics as well as specialised medical and mental health facilities
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Managed-care facilities
  • Health insurance companies

healthcare services management

Why Study Healthcare Services Management?

The REGENT Higher Certificate in Healthcare Services Management offers a year-long distance learning qualification that caters to both newcomers to the field as well as experienced medical professionals who are seeking to explore the management aspect of healthcare. For school leavers, this course will provide initial training within the management field. For healthcare professionals such as nurses, doctors, therapists and related experts, formal management training will be provided to increase competencies.

Some of the benefits that will be provided to students pursuing this career include the following:

  • The chance to develop a working knowledge and understanding of the healthcare services environment.
  • The ability to apply economic principles in the allocation of resources for various healthcare facilities and services.
  • The ability to apply management principles such as finance, general management and Human Resources within the broader management of healthcare.
  • The ability to contribute to the management of healthcare facilities.
  • The ability to understand, track, evaluate and implement quality improvement within the health services field.
  • A greater understanding on planning, policy setting, monitoring, assessment and implementation.

Thanks to distance learning facilities such as REGENT Business School, achieving a qualification in this field is possible for those already working in the field. To learn more about the Healthcare Services Management course at REGENT, contact us today.

5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Islamic Finance

higher certificate in islamic financeAn alternative to traditional finance, Islamic Finance is growing at a rapid rate. Current estimates put the market at a value of over $1.1 trillion. Along with a rapid growth rate, a growing need for professionals in the field and the demand for ethical financing, it goes without saying that this field offers plenty of opportunity.

The REGENT Higher Certificate in Islamic Finance, Banking and Law is an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to consider a career in this field. This one year course caters to both Muslim and Non-Muslim students who have an interest in the field, offering a comprehensive overview of practices, principles and comparison of Sharia and secular laws. The course provides students with unique management skills and knowledge, along with a wide range of career opportunities in South Africa and abroad.

Top Reasons to Pursue a Career in Islamic Finance

What are some of the benefits offered by Islamic Banking and Finance qualifications? Top advantages include the following:

  1. Deeper knowledge and understanding of this field of finance. Students will learn extensively about financial laws as applied to Islamic beliefs and laws. This will allow the ability to apply general as well as Islamic financial concepts within the world of corporate banking and business.
  2.  Increased ability to critically evaluate market behaviour within the scope of Islamic banks. From performance to organisation behaviour, students will begin to understand the effects that trends have on the market.
  3. Career opportunities all over the world. Both Muslim and Non-Muslim students will have the benefit of a constantly growing, evolving field that is ripe with opportunities. Banks, corporate businesses and financial institutions are just some of the places seeking qualified experts in this field.
  4. Full awareness and understanding of products offered within this sector. Students will be equipped to recognise the wide products offered by the industry with the help of a Higher Certificate. This serves as a good introduction to those new to the field.

As the world continues to grow and change, new ways of doing business also continue to change. Islamic Banking may not be new, but it certainly offers a modern, exciting and highly rewarding alternative to traditional finance.

Interested in learning more about our Islamic Finance certificate? Speak to REGENT Business School for details!

What Benefits Are Offered by a Higher Certificate?

higher certificateHigher Certificates are an excellent way to increase your skill level within a certain field, and can be pursued through a good distance learning institute. Essentially, these one year courses can be done by anyone who has a national senior certificate and meets basic admission requirements. Students who want to change careers, those who wish to get an introduction into a specific field or those with specific career interests can all consider this qualification.

Qualifications offered by Regent Business School include the following:

Reasons to Consider Distance Learning Higher Certificates

What exactly makes Higher Learning Certificates valuable to your career growth however; and what benefits can you enjoy when studying through distance learning schools? Some of the main advantages to studying further through a certificate of higher learning include the following:

  1. Employability and growth potential. Employees who have further training and qualifications are typically more likely to be employed than those without. While obviously many other things are also taken into consideration, such as general aptitude for the role, experience and overall skill, qualifications give you a competitive edge. Specialising in a certain field helps you get a deeper understanding that can enhance your on the job experience, making you more of an asset to companies and more likely to get ahead.
  1. Higher salary potential. Likewise, employees who have qualifications on their resumes can expect a higher salary level compared to those who have limited training. Once again, this is not always the case – experience should never be overlooked or underestimated. But having specific training within your chosen career, as well as the experience needed to get a holistic understanding, will definitely put you in a higher earning bracket.
  1. Personal growth and development. Studying further can also give you a great deal of self-fulfilment. Learning and expanding your skills give you greater confidence, a higher level of self-worth and a greater ability to expand your perspective. As an added benefit, when studied through a distance education school, you will be able to pursue your studies part-time, while keeping your current job.

Studying further is the best way to maintain key skills within your chosen career, while also giving yourself a distinct advantage in the competitive career marketplace. From a community perspective, skilled, trained people give back to the economy and help to uplift those around them as well. With that in mind, Higher Certification undergraduate courses are the best way to grow, learn and thrive – whatever your chosen path may be.