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Good Hope FM Big Breakfast

Mark your calendars! Join us on Friday, June 2, 2023, from 6 am to 9 am at REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL’s Cape Town Learning Centre (40 Searle Street) for an unforgettable morning filled with excitement and learning. Discover the cutting-edge world of digital learning in our state-of-the-art innovation labs. Prepare yourself for the future and gain…

Design Thinking LAB Activities

Participate in an engaging session exploring the principles and practical applications of the Design Thinking methodology at the ILead Lab with Richard Shewry, STEAM and 4IR Specialist. Kindly note that due to limited capacity, only the first 20 to 25 students who RSVP for the in-person session in KZN, CPT, and JHB will be able…

Cyber Attacks and its Impact on Businesses

At REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL, we are committed to enhancing your learning journey and providing you with valuable educational experiences. To this end, we continuously seek to improve our offerings and introduce new ideas and topics for discussion. Cybersecurity is one such topic that is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world. With the rise of…

Understanding Ethics and Law in Healthcare

This workshop will take place over four sessions and will cover research ethics and integrity as the cornerstone of responsible research in the current time. The engagement aims to build awareness of the need for good research practice throughout the research journey and will guide participants towards the application of their knowledge about ethics to…

Emotion Regulation Strategies: Exploring Healthy Techniques

One of the key aspects of emotional intelligence is the ability to regulate our feelings. In this webinar we will explore different strategies for healthy emotional regulation. Please join James Sturdee for an Employability webinar on Emotional Regulation. Complete the registration form to attend. To receive a badge or a certificate of attendance, ensure that…

Self-Compassion: Practical Techniques for Navigating Adversity

Self-compassion is a powerful tool for navigating adversity. In this webinar we will explore the theory behind it as well as provide practical techniques for applying it. Please join James Sturdee for an Employability webinar on Self-Compassion. Complete the registration form to attend. To receive a badge or a certificate of attendance, ensure that all…

Protecting Your Digital World: Understanding the Basics of Cybersecurity and Its Impact

Don’t Miss Out: Join Our Discussion on the Crucial Importance of Cybersecurity and Its Impact. As technology advances, so do the methods of cyber-attacks. With the use of artificial intelligence, attackers are employing more sophisticated and diverse tactics such as social engineering, malware, and ransomware. The significance of cybersecurity in today’s digital world cannot be…

Crafting Your Winning CV: Tips and Strategies for Standing Out in Today’s Job Market

Join Nirmala Moodley for an Employability workshop focused on developing effective CV writing skills. Gain valuable guidance and practical tips to create a strong CV that can improve your chances of success in today’s competitive job market. To attend, simply fill out the registration form. Don’t forget to complete all fields to receive a badge…

Practical Exploration of Relaxation Techniques

This webinar will be a practical exploration of several relaxation techniques that we can draw on in times of stress. This will include visualization exercises and progressive muscle relaxation. Please join James Sturdee for an Employability webinar on Relaxation. Complete the registration form to attend. To receive a badge / certificate of attendance, ensure that…

Why Postgraduate Studies are still Relevant in South Africa Today?

This webinar is an opportunity for you to gain valuable insights into the critical 21st-century skills required for leadership and management positions, complexities and ambiguities in the market, and the importance of innovation as a key success factor. You will also learn how postgraduate studies can act as an enabler and roadmap to executive development…

Unleashing Your Inner Calm: Effective Anger Management Strategies

This webinar will focus on understanding the underlying dynamics that contribute towards our anger response and aim to equip you with some tools for regulating your anger in a healthy manner. Remember, anger is a normal and natural emotion, but it’s important to manage it in a healthy way. By practicing these strategies and seeking…

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