Advanced Diploma in Financial Management

The programme provides further knowledge of the principles and practice of financial management.

1 year
NQF Level 7
120 credits

Key features

  • Display knowledge of selected day-to-day management functions of a business
  •  Appreciate financial principles of accountability, cost-effectiveness, cost-efficiency and value for  money
  • Obtain employment in accounting firms and finance departments in the public or private sector
  • Describe financial management terminology, concepts and principles
  • Analyse and interpret financial management statements and reports such as balance sheet, income and expenditure

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The Advanced Diploma in Financial Management is a 1 year programme that provides further knowledge of the principles and practice of financial management. The programme is directed at persons employed in organisations who have a diploma qualification and who aspire to increase their knowledge, skills and competencies in the procurement, allocation and control of the financial resources of an organisation. The qualification will improve the skills of learners in the labour market by enabling them to apply integrated knowledge and advanced conceptual thinking skills to solve problems in the financial management of organisations.


Upon successful completion of the programme, the student should be able to:

  • Contribute to investment decisions including capital budgeting and working capital decisions
  • Contribute to financial decisions relating to the raising of finance for businesses
  • Contribute to financial decisions relating to net profit distribution
  • Display knowledge and skills in the application of management accounting techniques
  • Demonstrate numeracy and quantitative analysis skills
  • Identify and evaluate ethical responsibilities and issues
  • Understand investment and risk management tools
  • Display an understanding of risk and its applicability
  • Display an ability to understand, speak and write the language of financial management

Programme structure

Duration:  1 year
There are 6 modules over two semesters

Semester 1

  • Essentials of Financial Management
  • Short-term Financial Management
  • Long-term Financial Management

Semester 2

  • Risk Management
  • Advanced Managerial Accounting
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

Admission requirements

The minimum entrance requirement for admission into the “Advanced Diploma in Financial Management” is an NQF 6 Diploma or equivalent qualification

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