Future-Ready Corporate Training Solutions

Our online skill development courses allow your staff to learn at their own pace, accommodating their busy schedules.

REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor working to elevate your business success with strategic skills development training. In today’s rapidly evolving work landscape, agility and performance are key — and we’re here to help you achieve that.

At REGENT Business School, we provide a wide range of corporate training and development programs tailored to meet the unique needs of your workforce.

With over 25 years of experience in distance learning, we offer affordable and accredited professional training programme and courses that empower your staff to excel in the ever-changing world of work.

We Create Unique Campaigns That Help Your Business Grow


Corporate Learning and Development Solutions to

Drive Your Business
Into the Future

We help organisations upskill, reskill and manage their workforce needs.

  • Did you know that providing e-learning opportunities to your employees can increase your company’s retention rate by 60%?
  • Furthermore, 93% of workers are happy to stay with a company that invests in their career development.

REGENT Business School offers you the ideal platform to upskill and reskill your employees.

We provide various workforce solutions, including Critical 21st Century Skills Development opportunities

Solutions also include Management and Leadership Development, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Optimisation, Financial Management and Just-In-Time Learning Opportunities.

Find more information about our training and development solutions and by clicking the links below.

We can tailor-make packages for companies and SETAs that suit your specific requirements and objectives.


Upskill your employees so you can remain competitive in your industry.

Employee retention

Achieve increased employee retention rates.

Brand equity

Increase brand equity and image by empowering the overall market and positively impacting the economy.

Talent development

Drive your business forward with a future-focused strategy for talent development.


Leverage and sustain industry authority and competitiveness.

Tenders and RFQs

Improve clients’ ratings and opportunities for successful participation with tenders and RFQs.

Dr. Ahmed Shaikh

Managing Director

Dr. Shahiem Patel


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The Faces Behind Our Success

Get ready to elevate your team's capabilities for the 4th Industrial Revolution with our

Skills development training options

We specialise in providing comprehensive staff training and development, enhancing human resource development and refining business processes.

Our online skill development courses allow your staff to learn at their own pace, accommodating their busy schedules.

Furthermore, our iLeadlabs’ corporate workshops provide hands-on experience and the development of Critical 21st Century Skills, equipping your team with the practical skills they need to succeed.

We offer:

  • Accredited Programme (NQF 5 – NQF 10)
  • Customised programmes that align to your organisational requirements
  • Skills Development Training Courses
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development Solutions
  • Socio-Economic Development and Community Engagement Solutions

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Empower Your Workforce with Skills Development Training:

Empower Your Workforce:

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