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REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL (RBS) remains a leading private higher education institution in Southern Africa, with an ever-expanding footprint on the rest of the continent. The curricula of our programmes incorporate theory and practice to ensure that they prepare students for the world of work by contributing to building their leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and growing their knowledge of business and industry

“The institution seeks to introduce
21st century skills to enhance our graduates’
employability in a variety of ways.”


About REGENT Business School

Established in 1998, we are a Private Higher Education Institution committed to helping you gain meaningful employment within the business world. Our tech-rich, future-focused, and internationally recognised programs equip you with the skills you need to have a thriving career within the business environment. With many courses to choose from in various business industries, including Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, and many more, you are guaranteed to find a course that suits your needs and career goals.

Our Philosophy

Professor Ahmed Shaikh, Managing Director of REGENT Business School, says,
“you cannot teach 21st Century skills in a 19th Century learning environment.” 

These words have guided our mission from the earliest days as we aim to provide accessible, affordable education that enhances our graduates’ employability so they can gain better, more lucrative career opportunities. 

Being a leading private higher education institution in South Africa with an ever-expanding footprint on the rest of the continent, we are committed to preparing students for the world of work. We do so by incorporating theory and practice in our programmes that build students’ business knowledge and entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Our Vision

To be a leading provider of entrepreneurial, business, and management education that will develop business leaders through research and innovation.

Our Mission

To provide accessible, affordable, and quality entrepreneurial, business, and management education responsive to the critical needs of South Africa and the African continent within the context of a dynamic global environment.

Disrupt. Rethink. Innovate. REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL

With the modern work environment in constant flux, continuous digital advancements, soaring unemployment rates, and the economy under increasing pressure, it is no longer enough for graduates to play by the rules. 

That is why we at REGENT Business School break all outdated rules that negatively impact South African students. Instead, we embrace technology in all facets of our teaching, from communicating information to improving curricula and adapting to different learning styles. 

Our programs take on a work-directed learning approach, meaning you will learn the most relevant information in the industry. We cut out any and all outdated tactics, so you can focus on learning the skills and knowledge that really matter to employers.    

With our innovative approach to teaching, we are preparing you to thrive in the work environment and excel at modern-day jobs — even those that do not yet exist. 

With our help, you can choose and design your own future.



Creating and distributing knowledge through teaching and learning, research and innovation, and critical engagement with all stakeholders.

Social Responsibility

Serving and engaging for the overall betterment of society.


Integrating social, environmental, economic, and technological elements into teaching, learning, and research strategies.

Ethical Behaviour

Practising ethical leadership based on the principles of governance success and efficiency.


Applying the principles of social justice in dealing with the critical issues of diversity, race, access to education, gender, equity, and disability.

We strive to deliver quality academic programmes that meet recognised academic standards to our students. We do this by developing all REGENT programmes internally in consultation with business experts and leading academics. The content of our programmes is kept relevant and annually reviewed to ensure currency with South African law and international trends.

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  • RBS Eduniversal 2 palm award
  • RBS Eduniversal Rating

International Partnerships

Why Choose REGENT?

With our series of programmes designed to provide individuals and organisations with essential critical thinking and management skills, you are guaranteed to sustain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing, complex business environment. This means that:

  • Businesses will stand out among their competitors by having a future-ready workforce. 
  • Individuals will gain better employment opportunities to help them build fulfilling, lucrative careers they can be proud of.

As our expertise evolves, so will yours. 

Choosing us means that you will get access to award-winning programmes that:

  • Are tech-rich and future-focused. 
  • Are accredited and internationally recognised.
  • Are accessible and affordable. 
  • Have flexible programme delivery options (meaning you can study while working).
  • Have easily accessible support from instructors online or in-person. 
  • Focuses on real-world skills development that will set you up for the best possible employability, life, and success. 
  • Have diversified student networking opportunities across Africa through Honoris United Universities.  

Learn More About Why You Should Choose REGENT

HONORIS United Universities

REGENT is a proud member of the Honoris United Universities network. 

Honoris United Universities is the first pan-African private higher education network committed to preparing and educating the next generation of African leaders and professionals to make a regional impact in a globalised world.

The network, built upon its unique ‘collaborative intelligence’ concept, brings together the pioneering efforts of leading tertiary education institutions in North and Southern Africa to teach innovative, in-demand skills that will set you apart.

What Can You Expect as a Student?

At REGENT, your success is our highest priority. As such, we provide continuous student support to help you get the most out of your programme. 

Along with industry-leading degrees, our staff are at hand to help you succeed in your academic career so you can thrive within the business world — as a high-level employee or entrepreneur.

See what our students have to say:

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