REGENT Business School Employability Unit: iLeadLAB

In a rapidly-evolving era with constant digital change, it is imperative for students to remain relevant in digitally-driven work environments.
Our iLeadLAB equips you with core skills and unique abilities to excel at the demands of the 21st-century global workplace.


The programmes offered in iLeadLAB will: 

Improve your employability

Using interactive technology, these programmes will equip you with 21st-century skills. As a result, more companies will want to hire you. 

Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit

The programmes will enhance entrepreneurial skills, including leadership, decision-making, strategic thinking, and more. This way, you can pursue your entrepreneurial ventures. 

Help you succeed

The iLeadLAB’s curriculum will also teach you how to use digital skills to participate in shaping the future. This will ultimately set you apart from other candidates and help you succeed in business.

Download the iLeadLAB brochure for more details.

The Importance of Staying Employable

Today employers are looking for high-performance individuals who are in sync with the demands of the 21st-century workforce. 

They value employability skills because they are significant indicators of how well you will get along with customers and team members. Furthermore, these skills show how you will likely handle job performance and career success.

Some of the skills you can learn: 

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Digital literacy
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Communication
  • Information literacy
  • Civic responsibility
  • Job search skills
  • Time and conflict management
  • Exposure to 2D and 3D printing and a range of technologies relevant to industry 4.0

With our vast range of hands-on programmes, we aim to provide revolutionary support to our students who recognise that multi-skilling will give them the edge in a world of constant digital change.

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