Tech-Rich Learning

iLeadLAB: Your Gateway to a Digitally-Driven Career

In an era of rapid digital transformation, staying ahead in tech-rich environments is crucial. At REGENT Business School, our iLeadLAB is dedicated to preparing students for the dynamic demands of the 21st-century workplace.

Key Outcomes of iLeadLAB:

Enhanced Employability:

Gain cutting-edge skills in interactive technology.

Become a top candidate for modern companies seeking digital proficiency.

Entrepreneurial Development:

Develop key entrepreneurial skills like leadership, strategic thinking, and decision-making.

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

Future-Ready Skills:

Learn to leverage digital skills to shape the future.

Stand out in the business world with unique digital competencies.

Skills You'll Acquire:

Critical Thinking


Digital Literacy

Creativity and Imagination

Effective Communication

Information Literacy

Civic Responsibility

Job Search Strategies

Time and Conflict Management

Proficiency in 2D/3D Printing and Industry 4.0 Technologies

Disrupt. Rethink. Innovate.

Join iLeadLAB and be part of a revolution in tech education.

RedHUB: Fostering Entrepreneurial Excellence

In response to South Africa’s economic challenges, our REGENT Enterprise Development Hub (RedHUB) is committed to nurturing disruptive and innovative entrepreneurial talents.

What RedHUB Offers:

Idea Validation:

Participate in ideation boot camps to refine and validate your business concepts.

Business Plan Implementation:

Receive comprehensive training and mentorship to prepare your business for success in various aspects like procurement and finance.

Building Business Foundations:

Learn to transform early-stage ideas into sustainable business models.

Business Acceleration:

Gain insights into business growth strategies, financial planning, and market understanding.

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