Centre for Teaching and Learning

Foundational Statement

REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL approach to teaching and learning is an integrated approach centered around the following key drivers, namely; the student, the faculty, the curriculum, the learning spaces and technology. RBS takes cognisance of the need to support students through their study life cycle, and to ensure that the teaching and learning experience is student centered, innovative and informed by research.

The teaching and learning experience is driven by faculties who are experienced and deliver research informed teaching. The curriculum is relevant and current and considerate of the dynamic business environment as well as the views of students, faculty and alumni. The learning environment encourages communication and interaction amongst students, faculty, alumni, businesses and the community. Information and Communication Technology is effectively used to enhance the quality of the teaching and learning experience and to facilitate access for all students. These drivers come together to ensure that the teaching and learning experience is an enabling experience for the student.

RBS undertakes to fulfil its obligations inherent in its mission through its programme design and review activities, its teaching and learning activities, research activities as well as its continuous engagement with faculty, students, staff, alumni and the business and general community at large.

RBS promotes the premise that teaching and learning and research are complimentary activities.

Vision for Teaching and Learning

 The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is responsible for providing educational leadership acrossREGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL’s programmes and supports excellence in both teaching and learning activities across the organisation. Thus the role of the centre is to support both the academic and student profile of the organisation by providing a,

  • distinctive and supportive learning experience for all students;
  • platform for the provision of research led teaching and learning activities;
  • distinctive and supportive teaching development services.

In compliance with the level descriptors of the Higher Education Qualifications sub Framework (HEQsF), the approach to teaching and learning at RBS is one of supported and guided, independent, outcomes-based study within a blended teaching and learning environment. Students are guided to attain the outcomes specific to an instructional programme through a variety of learning activities appropriate to the level of achievement expected of students at a specific level of study. Academics are supported to deliver on the outcomes of the programme through a range of teaching methodologies.

Strategic Goals of the Teaching and Learning Policy

 The Teaching and Learning Policy outlines the general principles relating to teaching and learning at RBS. The intention of this policy is to align teaching and learning practices at RBS with the HEQC programme accreditation standards.

Thus the policy aims to support both the student and staff profile of the organisation by:

  • Providing a distinctive and supportive learning experience for all students;
  • Facilitating teaching development services;
  • Promoting research based teaching and learning activities;
  • Improving access to higher education;
  • Improving student retention; and
  • Contributing to student success

Evaluation of Teaching and Learning

In order to ensure that the REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL’s teaching, learning and assessment is relevant and current, regular feedback is required to facilitate the upgrading process. The “Improving Teaching and Learning Resources” document initiated by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) highlights the process regarding the review and evaluation of modules and programmes. RBS supports this initiative in alignment to its mission statement “to provide quality higher education”.

In order to ensure that a 360º evaluation is completed, all role players(students, alumni, academics, external academics) are engaged in obtaining feedback relevant to the teaching, learning and assessment criteria and therefore RBS engages in the following reviews: Academic Review ,Programme Review, Programme Evaluation, Course/Module Review, Faculty and Support Staff Review

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