Student Support Services

Student Support Services are a cluster of facilities and activities that are provided to facilitate the learning experience. These services support the holistic development of the student and are augmented by available academic support. Provision is made for a wide range of support services, teaching resources and learning resources that promote students’ academic skill and success at all levels of study. Additional support ranging from managing the challenges of distance studies, to professional individual and group counselling services are made available to students.

Support services serve as the interface between the institution and its students. This interface is achieved through the Student Information Desk.

Student Information Desk

REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL has a dedicated Student Information Desk that takes care of all student queries.

In an effort to coordinate all student queries and ensure timeous and appropriate feedback; a specially designed system has been developed with the following focus:

  • Formalise all queries and generate reference numbers for future communication.
  • To coordinate communication between students and different divisions of the Business School.
  • To follow-up on each query and bring it to a closure.
  • To identify student challenges and strategise support to mitigate challenges.

A range of printed resources are made available to support teaching, learning and assessment, such as:

  • Module guides
  • Workbooks
  • Academic Calendars

These support the academic programme for the year and contain information relating to:

  • Academic programme for the semester
  • Prescribed/recommended readings
  • Programme assessment
  • Assignment submissions
  • Library services
  • Access to journal databases
  • Support services (forming study groups, guide to writing assignments, answering case study questions in assignments and examinations)
  • Guide to Harvard referencing and referencing format.
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Tutorial Letters and Academic Pacers
  • Examination Papers
  • RBS in house journal, titled Management Perspectives: A
  • Journal of Management Studies. The ISSN number of the publication is 1996-7187. The journal includes contributions from academic faculty, past alumni and faculty members from RBS research collaboration efforts.

Academic Staff

Workshops are delivered by academic staff, who have extensive experience in the delivery of management education. With a healthy mix of both full-time and part-time academic staff, with both industry experience and research expertise, the REGENT student has access to expertise and practical business experience packaged to offer a dynamic and stimulating learning experience.

One-to-One Support

In order to help you study more effectively and develop key academic skills, you can book an appointment to talk with a faculty member to address your specific areas of concern. One-to-one support includes access to individual consultations, telephonic support, email responses, social media and recorded lectures.

Workshop/Enrichment Sessions

REGENT conducts workshops for certain modules in selected regions. A similar process is adopted for the enrichment sessions. During these sessions, you will meet and spend several hours face to face with academic faculty and support staff. Both the workshop and enrichment schedule and teaching and learning resources are available through the myregent student portal.

Electronic resources

The CTL has introduced a series of videos that is intended to complement the student learning process at REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL. Videos range from 8-10 minutes and provide support on key concepts/issues. All videos are available through the myregent student portal.

Generic Support Services

Study Groups

Study groups and syndicated learning is one of the key teaching and learning strategies that enhances the students’ learning experiences and lends itself to holistic development of the student. Study groups reinforce the content of the course by involving students in active discussion, and problem-solving in small groups

Pastoral care

RBS is committed to supporting student success and has developed structures that identify, address and support students at risk. Counsellors are available at RBS to support and assist students in overcoming various academic and personal obstacles encountered.

 Contact Information

Registered students must contact the support staff at the SID to access any of the support services available by emailing

[email protected]

Study Enquiry Form

Complete all fields on the study Enquiry form, and a dedicated programme advisor will contact you.

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