Work Directed Learning

Elevate Your Career with Work Directed Learning at Regent Business School

At Regent Business School, we believe in the power of blending academic theory with real-world practice. Our Work Directed Learning (WDL) programme is designed to offer students hands-on experience in their field of study, preparing them for the dynamic challenges of the professional world.

What is Work Directed Learning?

Work Directed Learning (WDL) is an innovative approach to education that combines classroom learning with practical work experience.
Students apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings, enhancing their understanding and skills.
WDL includes:

  • Industry placements
  • Work-related field trips
  • Simulated work environments

Why Choose WDL at Regent Business School?

Our WDL program is rooted in the Council on Higher Education’s Work Integrated Learning guidelines, ensuring a comprehensive and effective learning experience.

Benefits include:

  • Real-World Application: Apply academic theories in practical settings.
  • Professional Growth: Enhance skills and knowledge in your vocational area.
  • Personal Development: Gain insights into your abilities and interests.
  • Employer Engagement: Engage in structured collaborations with industry leaders.

The Aims of Work Directed Learning

The WDL program at Regent Business School aims to:

  • Supplement theoretical knowledge with work-based learning.
  • Foster employer-learner negotiated learning experiences.
  • Support professional and personal development.
  • Provide a smooth transition into the workplace.

Introducing iLeadLabs: Innovation in Learning**

At Regent Business School, innovation is at the core of our teaching methods. Our state-of-the-art iLeadLabs provide an interactive learning environment, where students can engage with digital technologies and innovative tools, enhancing their WDL experience.

Our Commitment to Your Future

Our strategy focuses on securing work placements, enhancing learning from workplace experiences, and promoting critical reflection. We’re dedicated to embedding higher education into the skills infrastructure.

Join Regent Business School’s Work Directed Learning program today and take the first step towards a fulfilling and successful career.
Register now for a formal qualification and bridge the gap between theory and practice!

For more information about our Work Directed Learning and how to register for a formal programme, contact us at [email protected].

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