Municipal Integrated Development Planning (NQF Level 5)

Who Should Attend

  • Municipal Managers
  • Integrated Development Planning (IDP) Managers
  • Specialists in Local Government
  • Executive Mayors
  • Integrated Development Planning and City/District development specialists in Planning
  • Implementation and Management Support (PIMS) Centres, Provincial and National Government

Learning Assumed To Be In Place

All learners accessing this qualification must be in possession of a Further Education and Training Certificate or equivalent qualification.

Programme Description

The purpose of the qualification is to enable qualifying learners to apply strategic level development and governance competencies to ensure integrated and sustainable development and governance processes, outcomes, structures, strategies, planning, implementation management, monitoring and evaluation at a municipal level.

Learners will develop competencies to manage strategic planning and development processes, and the associated local governance and consultation processes.

Programme Outcomes

  • Designing and implementation of municipal integrated development plans
  • Identification of key development priorities and agendas, within resource 
constraints and informed by a local, district wide, provincial and national strategic 
analysis and policy context.
  • Development of proposals and strategic solutions beyond administrative boundaries 
and local resource/capacity constraints.
  • Identification of realistic and sustainable projects and development paths for 
cities and districts, within existing intergovernmental framework. 
Implementation of integrated development plans and facilitation of democratic and 
accountable local governance.
  • Provision of inputs from municipal integrated development planning process into the 
planning processes and plans of other role players and spheres.