Student Info Desk

REGENT Business School has a dedicated Student Information Desk that takes care of all student queries.

In an effort to coordinate all student queries and ensure timeous and appropriate feedback; a specially designed system has been developed with the following focus:

  • Formalize all queries and generate reference numbers for future communication
  • To coordinate communication between students and different divisions of the Business School
  • To follow-up on each query and bring it to a closure
  • To identify student challenges and strategize support to mitigate challenges

Study Packs and Printed Resources

Study materials are issued to all students and include a study pack consisting of a comprehensive study guide for each module, a course and assignment handbook, general guidelines to the writing and presentation of assignments and other supporting material.

A range of printed resources are also made available to student.

These resources include:

Module Guides

These are geared towards structuring learning activities that stimulate, motivate and direct learning activities. Each study guide contains the relevant module content as well as corresponding self assessment activities to guide the student through the course.


These support practical application and assessment of module outcomes.
Academic Calendars: These support the academic programme for the year and contain information relating to:

  • Academic programme for the semester
  • Prescribed/recommended readings
  • Programme assessment
  • Assignment submissions
  • Library services
  • Access to journal databases
  • Guide to Harvard referencing and referencing format
  • Support services (forming study groups, guide to writing assignments, answering case study questions in assignments and examinations)

PowerPoint Presentations

Summary presentation on the academic content of module guides.

Tutorial Letters and Academic Papers

These support structured learning and assist in providing academic support

Examination Papers

Past year examination papers are available on request.

RBS Journal, titled Management Perspectives: A Journal of Management Studies. The ISSN number of the publication is 1996-7187. The journal includes contributions from academic faculty, past alumni and faculty members from RBS research collaboration efforts.