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Our iLeadLAB is a direct response to the changing demands of the 21st Century workplace.

REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL’s iLeadLab, the Employability unit of the institution, aimed at empowering it’s students with core skills and competencies to creatively bridge the gap between education and the demands of the 21st century workplace, is a direct response to the accelerated pace of global technological transformation. Digital advancements, breakthroughs and pioneering developments are occurring at warp speed, plunging the global workplace into a space where it’s no longer enough to effectively play by the rules.

Instead, graduates must boldly innovate and step-change to remain relevant in dynamic, digitally-driven environments. REGENT’s new iLeadLab is a direct response to these changing employment requirements of the 21st Century.

Download the iLeadLAB brochure below for more details.

Staying Employable

Today, employers are looking for high-performance individuals – young people and mid-career employees- who are in sync with the demands of a rapidly-changing digital workforce. The iLeadLab has a range of programmes that offer hands-on development in Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Digital Literacy, and Creativity and Imagination. Students are taught effective communication, information literacy, civic responsibility, job search skills, time and conflict management, exposure to 2D and 3D printing and a range of technologies relevant to industry 4.0. It is revolutionary support for career-minded individuals who recognise that multi- and relevant-skilling will give them the edge in a world where the only constant is digital change.

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