Month: July 2016

Why is Distance Learning so Popular?

There is no doubt about it… distance learning in South Africa and abroad has become one of the most popular choices for prospective students. Compared to traditional learning institutes, which require students to take classes in a physical campus rather, this learning option offers plenty of flexibility. Students have the benefit of a wide range…

How Are Universities Accredited in South Africa?

One of the biggest concerns that any parent has when a child is planning to study further is the topic of university accreditation in South Africa. Every parent wants their child to get the best possible start in life, and as such, universities on the prospective short list for application need to meet certain requirements….

Benefits of Distance Learning – Growing Responsible Adults

Few learning models focus on the learner quite like distance learning. For parents helping their children on the path towards adulthood, the challenges of further education can be stressful on many levels. While traditional campuses provide educational opportunities in a more conventional, educator-led model, distance universities use a system that encourages learner-based learning. Learning is…

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